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  1. I put my music in my saved game folder in documents. Make some folders, e.g. rock, soul or whatever; go into wherever you have your music on your computer and make a shortcut for each file that you want and drag the shortcuts to your saved game folder in documents. You may have to create a folder named "Radio" in your saved game folder. Just the same as the vanilla game.
  2. Was browsing Youtube and was immediately interested when I saw this, as TDU 1 is my favourite driving game. TDU 2 could have been great, but the handling was inferior and had annoying npcs, trying to be funny (just my opinion). Anyway, downloaded and installed this (having saved TDU 1 and all associated documents) and having watched the how to install video, ran the game. Title screen loaded TDU Platinum and then quit to desktop. Tried about half a dozen options and same result. So close and yet so far...what was I doing wrong? Then I remembered that I had to run TDU 1 in compatibility mode for Win XP service pack 3. So, I changed all of the .exe files to only run as admin. Success. Deep joy. Shame that I had to create a new profile. The worst and most tedious thing is having to set driving controls for my xbox 360 controller. Couldn't quite get the steering to set with my left thumbstick. Altering the sensitivity let me do it. Bought a house and a nice Audi and won my first race easily, crossing the finish line in top gear and crashing into the trees. Game hung on me; had to quit out. Changed level of detail in the launcher from high to medium and the game started at my house with the winnings from my first race. Great. Won a few more races, picked up a few hitchers and drove about 50 miles. All seems well. This Audi is a lot better than it's "vanilla" counterpart. I used to fail 50% of the time with hitch-hikers, but have yet to fail and all with "perfects"...yay me. Added some of my music with shortcuts to my saved game in the documents folder...no problem. There's already a patch in one of the folders. Do I need to update this and if so, where does it go? Would appreciate any advice for controller settings for Xbox 360 controller. Many thanks for this wonderful work.
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