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    Milli reacted to BEight for a record, Test Drive Unlimited 1: Map-Editing Walkthough (SHKR, HMAP)   
    "DRAFT" might be some errors
    This guide aims to provide the basic "know-how" to get started with map modding for TDU 1. This guide is primarily aimed at SHKR(Havok road physics) and HMAP(Heightmap). Stuff such as Objects and textures will come later. This guide also comes with a .Blend file that has everything you need in the right format. The mod also includes a macro that allows the converting process to be possible AND can be done by anybody quickly.
    What do you need:
    SHKR Starter TDUWE(TDU World editor) TDUMT(TDU Modding tools) (If you downloaded platinum, it should be in TDU1\TDU Platinum Toolkit) Notepad++ Blender (3.0.1 or newer) Zmodder 2.2.4(For objects)
    Zmodder 2.2.6(For TDU2 objects) The files Included and what are they?
    The walkthough also comes with some files. located in the TDU tools download section. The mod is called SHKR Starter.
    This is basically a start-up .Blend file to get you started with TDU map modding. TDUWE only accepts a very specific set of names in an organised hirachary, in the Z=Y axis format. This is extremely hard to get right and the results will be pretty much the same. So to save the headache, I’m just including this.
    and of course, Blender is unable to export this properly. To counter this, what I Included is a Notepad++ macro I improvised months ago. This macro is easy to use and makes a task that normally takes hours into a one-click and you're done deal. Plus it can process hundreds of .daes in a matter of minutes.
    The .Blend file
    Contains import SHKR contents, modified to follow a path and arrayed. This .blend file also has an upscaled grid(452) to match the sector layout of the map for joining imported sectors together.
    TDUWE Can only export with squares. If you try to export rectangles or anything that’s considered long in shape, it will just think it’s a square, and the physics won’t work as expected. This is why the original TDU SHKR can't be reimported back to TDU using TDUWE.
    How to Open.
    Launch Blender and open it.
    You can also append the collection into your own projects.
    The Shortcuts.xml
    This is the file that contains the macro for Notepad+. Blender exports an .dae that just doesn’t work with TDUWE and this macro changes the script so that it’s compatible with TDUWE.
    This isn't a normal macro; it uses regular expression search-and-replace syntax. All you have to do is press a button and the script will sort everything out.
    I will go over in the walkthrough below.
    How to install the xml file.
    Type "%AppData%\Notepad++\" in your explorer browser.
    Replace/copy the Shortcut.xml there.
    Lets start!
    We are going to make the pathways of one of the golf courses behave like tarmac.
    This means we need to:
    Export all the sectors contents into a folder. Extract the heightmap and apply the texture to it so that we can see what we are doing. Create/move the path so it follows along the dirt trail. Finally export the CONVEXEs and convert it to run in TDUWE again. Update the sector.bnk so it can actually have road phyisics. Using TDUMT to export a sector
    Getting the Colourmap for the HMAP
    Using TDUs gridsystem
    May seem overkill for one sector, but for projects that has lots of sectors, this is essential.
    Editing RSHK
    I've include my own personal SHK Hiarechy in the outlinder. TDUWE has a lot of trouble exporting everything apart from a square and after many months of testing. This the best example. If you have a object something more complex has phyisc
    Time to export some Physics
    This used to be a really audious task that would take hours. Now it should only take a moment.
    You got the physics, but the sector dousn't. You need to replace the  sector.bnk with one that has R.SHK.
    Now let’s replace that R.SHK!
    Select “sector-10-7-1-6-R.SHK” and replace it with the one you created. TDUWE always creates an “export” file in the same folder the.Dae file. So look in there.
    Now let’s see if this worked. Open up the game and go to the golf course.

    Okay! It’s a little bit bumpy, that’s because it’s based on the HMAP. So I’m going to show you how to edit the terrain.
    Editing the HMAP
    Exporting the HMAP
    You're happy with the changes now its time to get it into the game.
    You will need to rename the hierarchy names to have .000 after them. This is because my script will get confused if given names that don’t have a “.###” after them. The reason why its done this way is that its very likely you’ll use multiple versions of the same object for the same sector and this just makes modding a little bit easier.
    You should now have a new Heightmap. Launch TDU and go to the golf course to see your changes.
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    Milli reacted to Eudemon for a record, Test Drive Unlimited   
    General FAQ How do I obtain the base game How do I run the game on Windows 10 Recommended settings for Project Paradise Launcher Can I still play online How do I find a specific vehicle that I want to purchase How do I enter the race track at the southern-central part of the map I see other players in the airport or in other fenced-off locations.  How do I get in there How do I level up.. What is required for Ace rank How do I use the G-Meter How do I deal with people I do not want to drive with How to adjust car handling How do I drift How do I sell cars The car I want to sell isn't on the list of cars to sell Official User Guide Official Walkthrough Videos Issues and Troubleshooting How to set up a DS4 Pad (and CALIBRATE PEDAL TRAVEL) I accidentally selected NEW GAME and my save file got deleted I am unable to start the car engine or move anywhere in free-ride I am having problems using the game with my Logitech G27 steering wheel Gameplay Performance Improvement Tips Configure Your Firewall or Router for Internet Play: Port Forwarding Multi-Core Processor Support (addressing framerate loss) I'm having alt-tabbing issues: the screen goes black Playing the game in windowed mode (using BorderlessGaming app) lowers the games brightness and it cannot be adjusted in-game. Anti-aliasing is not working properly, or lowers the framerate My gamepad isn't working properly I cannot connect to my friend online How can I join a club in-game d3d9.dll keeps getting removed from my system My game keep crashing while connecting to TestDrive server

    General FAQ

    How do I obtain the base game
    A game this old published by a company (Atari) who went bankrupt will be hard to find so many years after the initial PC release in 2007, but it is possible to find some preowned copies. You might try Amazon or eBay, for starters, or simply search on Google..
    Here is one seller that I found:  https://www.thegamecollection.net/test-drive-unlimited-pc/
    TrustPilot AU gives this store a 94% Excellent rating for safety.  
    This forum will not permit links to illegitimate sources of the game.

    How do I run the game on Windows 10
    The PC-DVD version of the game comes with SecuROM security, which is blocked by Microsoft in Windows 10.  The only known workaround is to use a No-DVD patch.  Please find and use one at your own risk, and do not link to such a file on these forums.
    Alternative, download and install the community mega-mod 'TDU Platinum' and make use of the included '4GB patch' which as a side-effect bypasses the SecuROM check.

    Recommended settings for Project Paradise Launcher
    Make sure Vsync and Big .bnk are checked. It is necessary to prevent serious in-game bugs. For example, invisible collisions and erratic traffic bugs, or the game not loading properly.
    In the case of TDU Platinum, make sure FX Tweak is set to OFF. This ensures the lighting displays properly. Don't make the mistake of setting it to on and then thinking you need a weather mod to fix things.
    Also it is recommended to have Windowed and Unlock Settings (Windowed) checked and to run the game in borderless windowed mode via the Borderless Gaming app. This allows for alt-tabbing without potentially crashing the game.

    Can I still play online
    Yes, thanks to the incredible work of some community modders.  While the game servers officially went offline years ago, you can make use of the Project Paradise mod for TDU.  This includes a Launcher with various parameters and a d3d9.dll file which should be saved in the same folder as your game executable.  Please follow the installation instructions included with this mod.   If you begin a new savegame profile, you will need to complete a tutorial before you can play online.  This includes renting a car, buying a house, buying a car, completing a race, and entering your house.  When you leave your house you will be able to free-ride with other players.  Some multiplayer aspects of the game, such as Online Races and Clubs will not work.

    How do I find a specific vehicle that I want to purchase
    Explore the island of O'ahu in free-ride and look for dealerships.  As you discover them, they will appear on your map allowing you to fast travel to them later.

    How do I enter the race track at the southern-central part of the map
    This can be unlocked by reaching a certain level of the game (before Champion) by completing achievements.  You can view your achievement progress from inside one of your houses.

    I see other players in the airport or in other fenced-off locations.  How do I get in there
    Firstly, you must reach the 'Champion' level in the game by completing various achievements.  When you reach this level you unlock Hardcore Mode.  You can switch to Hardcore Mode via the main menu after selecting your savegame.  This mode attempts to offer more simulation-style handling and physics but has the side effect of 'moon gravity'.  You can drive into certain plants/gardens at high speed to jump over various fences.   Or you wheelie a motorcycle as you crash into a friend parked in front of a fence with a low, ramp-like bonnet.  Once you enter a fenced-off area, pause the game and save a Bookmark.  You can teleport to your Bookmarked locations from the map.

    How do I level up.. What is required for Ace rank
    Check your rank progress when you're in your house. It's under the info tab. Leveling your rank is all about completing specific tasks. You have to gold cup all the missions, buy 15 houses, buy 50 cars, buy 3 cars of certain brands, buy clothes, drive the whole map, and log 5k miles to reach Ace.
    Multiplayer tasks have been modded out, so you'll reach 100% completion and Ace rank if you just complete all the singleplayer tasks.
    Everything should be buyable without having to grind missions if you buy cheap tuners for the races, and cheap houses and cheap cars to fulfill the progress requirements for Ace rank. Afterwards, you can just sell all the filler cars and clean out your garage.

    How do I use the G-Meter
    Use hardcore mode then press Ctrl+G

    How do I deal with people I do not want to drive with
    There is an ignore option. You have to go into the auxiliary menus while in the car. The options are Radio, Chronopack, Driving Aid, and Free-Ride Players. Go to Free-Ride Players and invite everyone you want into the group. When they're all linked to the group, select ISOLATE. When ISOLATE is selected, the people who aren't in the group disappear after a few moments.
    Note this only works in a group of 2 or more people. If you are alone, then map out to somewhere else or pause until that person leaves.

    How to adjust car handling
    Remember to set your steering sensitivity in Options. It can be the difference between a nice feeling car and a car that handles like poop. The ideal is to make it responsive yet also smooth and stable.

    How do I drift
    Use hardcore mode, no assist, manual.

    How do I sell cars
    You can go to your house, into "Trade", sell car or sell bikes, and direct sell it for half-price. 
    Or you must fill up all your house slots with cars. When you try to purchase a new car at a dealership, the option to sell your car will pop up. At this time you can select multiple cars to sell if you want.

    The car I want to sell isn't on the list of cars to sell
    Sometimes when you want to sell a car, its not there on the list. You have to go back to your house garage and move that car to a different house. Now when you go back to the dealership, it should show up as sell-able.

    Official User Guide
    Click to download the official TDU1 User Guide for PC in English: Manual GB.pdf

    Official Walkthrough Videos

    Issues and Troubleshooting

    How to set up a DS4 Pad (and CALIBRATE PEDAL TRAVEL)
    Using DS4 Windows, bind the L2/R2 triggers to "right stick right" and "right stick up" to give them recognizable analog functionality for TDU. In TDU game options, set the triggers to brake/accel accordingly. They should show up as "right analog stick" bindings.
    Also there is a general issue with DS4 triggers not having full analog travel. Firstly, unlock TDU Hardcore mode (by achieving Champion rank), then open the in-game telemetry by pressing Ctrl+G. Use this to confirm whether or not the analog inputs are reaching full pedal travel. If not, then you need to recalibrate the triggers at the Windows OS level. Follow the guide for the DIview app here. Its a simple and one-time process:

    I accidentally selected NEW GAME and my save file got deleted
    Go into your Documents folder to "Test Drive Unlimited", and right click on the "Savegame" folder. In its properties, click on "Restore previous versions" and pick a date from before the save got wiped.
    If it worked, breathe a sigh of relief and go make a backup copy on a separate drive.

    I am unable to start the car engine or move anywhere in free-ride
    Check your game control options - you might have a button mapped to 'Engine Start'

    I am having problems using the game with my Logitech G27 steering wheel
    There is a mod available for that:

    Gameplay Performance Improvement Tips
    1.  If you are suffering from poor performance, you might want to disable the HDR feature that can be accessed by accessing Options>Video in the game. The game world might not look as beautiful as with HDR enabled, but it should run at a smoother rate for you to enjoy the game.
    2.  You also may want to disable the Anti-Aliasing feature as this will lighten the load on your video card and your CPU a lot.
    3.  You may also reduce the resolution, and/or use the level of detail slider in video options.
    4.  Rename Particles.bnk in Euro\Bnk\Fx to disable various fx (smoke, sparks, etc.)
    5. Use the the 4GB executables provided in the TDU Platinium's lastest patch.

    Configure Your Firewall or Router for Internet Play: Port Forwarding
    When you play on a system that is behind a firewall or proxy, certain ports may need to be opened to connect to multiplayer games. (Note: Doing this may also resolve issues with lagging players.)
    You must be able to access these external ports:
    UDP 8880->8889
    UDP 8890
    UDP 27000->30000
    TCP 6667
    TCP 27000->30000
    You have to open the following local port: TCP8889
    Ports 17475 and 9961 (TCP/UDP) must be opened.
    If you are unfamiliar with port forwarding, search for basic guides on how to do so. Generally, you just have to access your router and/or firewall's settings and manually add permissions for the ports listed above.

    Multi-Core Processor Support (addressing framerate loss)
    With the release of multi-core processors, some titles that were designed for single-core processors are having issues. These issues can manifest as the following:
    - Choppy and/or stuttering performance, sometimes manifesting as random pausing, during gameplay.
    - Gameplay performing at hyper speeds making it impossible to play.
    These issues are being caused due to the timestamp counter not always being read correctly (more specifically, different timestamp counters in the system may contain different values) by the game.
    To prevent this, you can try setting what is called the thread affinity for your game. To do this please do the following:
    1.  Start your game.
    2.  Once you have reached the main menu press ALT+TAB (press and hold the ALT key while pressing the TAB key) which should then minimize your game to a window on your taskbar.
    3.  Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE to bring up your Windows Task Manager.
    4.  Click the tab 'Details' and locate the executable file for your game. Typically this will be named after the game you are running.

    5.  Select the application by moving your mouse pointer and pressing your right-mouse button.
    6. This should then bring up a menu and select 'Set Affinity'. From this window make sure that only CPU 0 is selected and no others and click 'OK'.
    7.  Once this is completed press ALT+TAB to return to your game. Should your game crash during this process your settings will still be saved and you should be able to re-launch the game without an issue.

    I'm having alt-tabbing issues: the screen goes black
    Use Borderless Gaming, set the in-game display to windowed mode, and it will become fullscreen and alt-tabbable without crashing.

    Playing the game in windowed mode (using BorderlessGaming app) lowers the games brightness and it cannot be adjusted in-game.
    There are a couple of options here, and they both involve using an overlay to set a custom color profile for TDU.
    The first option is to use the TDU Reshade file located here at Turboduck to readjust the brightness back.
    However if you experience performance issues with the reshade, or if you would prefer a lower-spec approach, then try using your video card's overlay app to make the color profile:
    for Nvidia users: Geforce Experience (Alt+F3) > Contrast / Brightness
    for AMD users: Radeon Overlay (Alt+R) > Display Settings > Color

    Anti-aliasing is not working properly, or lowers the framerate
    Try forcing it in Nvidia control panel if its not working in-game. Borderless Gaming might cause this issue. Also, its been said that forcing AA in Nvidia control may have better quality and use less resources than in-game AA, particuarly in the case of older games.
    Another option is to use the tdu reshade and use its AA setting as well.

    My gamepad isn't working properly
    For DS4 controllers, a workaround to get fully functional analog triggers is to use DS4windows and map the right stick x and y axis to the L2/R2 triggers. This is the quick and easy solution. The following solution is better because its native, but its hit and miss, and also not very easy to set.
    The DS4 triggers actually count as both analog and digital buttons. In most games which lack DS4 support, when you set the triggers they will show up as Button 7/8 instead of an axis. Sometimes its possible to bind them as analog if you hold the trigger halfway and then select to bind it in the game options. This general method is hit or miss depending on the game, and may take a lot of tries to get the axis to show up.. but it is a possible solution. (As for TDU, this has yet to be tested, but I'm posting this info here anyway for the time being.)
    NOTE: In regards to DS4windows, newer builds may not run, but older Jays2Kings versions might work for you (ex. Version 1.4.52). More info here and here.

    I cannot connect to my friend online
    Try meeting up and waiting somewhere remote on the map to increase your chances of being in the same session. And sometimes if someone just won't show up, try rebooting the game. If this problem is persistent, refer to the Port Forwarding section in this FAQ.

    How can I join a club in-game
    Online features are not working in Project Paradise, only free roam.

    d3d9.dll keeps getting removed from my system
    When installing Project Paradise, be sure to deactivate any realtime antivirus function. It may be detect the d3d9 files as a virus and immediately delete them. You can go to the quarantine area in your antivirus software, make an exclusion for them, and restore them.
    Also, any overlay display may create issues with d3d9 injections. Try closing them. Or, if you have MSI Afterburner running, go to "Riva Tuner" (it's in your bar next to the clock while MSI Afterburner is running). There's an option in there called "Custom Direct3D Support", see if it works after enabling it.

    My game keep crashing while connecting to TestDrive server
    1.) Set your textdriveunlimited.exe to "Run this program as Administrator", and/or set game compatability to WinXP/Vista.
    2.) Try repairing your redist versions: Visual C++ 2015-2019, both x64 and x86
    3.) You can use a VPN to bypass the Connecting to TestDrive server screen. Once it loads to main menu, you can exit and remove the VPN then boot the game again.
    For a free VPN, consider a free-trial service like TunnelBear. Apparently it doesn't require much info to set up an account.
    4.) Also, check to make sure V-sync is enabled on the Paradise Launcher. Its been reported that uncapped framerates can also cause an inability to connect to the server.
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