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  1. The C.T.R. Physics mod also fixed the bikes for me!
  2. I am having the exact same problem; did a install from steam, then did the unpack and patches etc. Entire front disappears, revving, can't steer. I do not have the FRIM-mod.
  3. Can I request to keep this forum English only? I see forums that don't have this rule quickly diminish to a small core of people. Also, it's in the rules, but you know that :P
  4. i might be looking all wrong,. but i can't seem to find a blingbling mod that works without the car mega pack.. is there one?
  5. this doesnt work without mega-carpack ? does it? edit: if it doesn't, is there a version that does work without car-megapack?
  6. Hi all, i am looking for concepts since i do not want to do every race AGAIN (last savegame went gone with the rest of my harddisk)... i however have enough money... even if you don't sell e'm, what are the names of all concept-cars in the standard (no-megapack) game? cheers, Jorn :chewy:
  7. did the same thing,... selling a exige for 99999 (the maximum amount of money possible) and the same price for some other cheapo cars,... some guy bought them all to get rid of money (that he probable cheated), and now i am a rich b*tch hehheh
  8. Heyhey, I just started a club for dutch speaking people on steam for TDU2... in short it is called TDU2NL ... Have a good one, Jorn :chewy:
  9. you already have the game/pc? because starting a club costs (ingame) money.. i could start it up for you and make you president :) (i have enough money to throw away a couple of 100-millions)...
  10. issue is gone, problem is solved (for now). they were shifting some TDU1/2 servers around at HQ ;)
  11. Hey,.. new guy to modding TDU (not new to modding or TDU). I just struggled to get the TDU winter-mod working, but it works now! yay! good website and great help! ill stick around! See ya on the webs! :bunny:
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