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    • gececi53

      "SavaşIar için paraIarı var ama yoksuIIarı doyuramıyorIar."
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    • Spewfr  »  Knyazev

      Hey there,
      I successfully unpacked all of the TDU1 files for PSP and PS2 but the .2db files are slightly different than the PC .2db files. Can you take a look if I upload them for you?
      These files have never been seen before! I would love to develop mods for this game.
      Attached are all of TDUPSP.PCK's euro/vehicules/bus1.bnk .2db files
      bus_paint.2db ws_type4.2db
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    • Djey  »  binbow

      Hi Binbow,
      Just wanting to know if you'd kindly share xmb format specifications that you're using for the SVR and VPE tools (as it appears db data is xmb as well
      Guys from TDU World project would like to be able to read all xmb files (mainly to make online up again) so I'm trying to write a generic xmb file parser.
      Thanks in advance
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    • Mattyiplay6666

      Hello, i have some problems when booting up Tdu platinum with a account which i havent played with for a few days and the game progress on my save file wiped instantly, can someone help? Can someoone help me get my tdu account recovered?
      Thanks, i need my profile back.
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    • SamiZY

      Ride or die. No matter what, we`re in this together.
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