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  1. i'm not skilled enoff to edit bnk files but the carbon fiber color looks inverted on the C12S compared to the Roadster F the main top color should be black n under color white like in the Roadster F it looks like the texture got fliped in the C12S but the easiest way i can see fixing it if you dont know how to edit bnk files just swap the Roadster F interor file n rename it the one for the C12S lol it will be red but might turn light brown like the one in it now lol never realy tried that yet but wheels trade over n match in size n with of tire between cars soo i guess interiors do too lol sry long way to just say swap interor bkn files lol:hd:
  2. i have an xbox 360 controler and use the trigers for gas/ stop but even with them set soo low the car still dose a 360 burnout spin once i hit the gas its not fully the controler i modded tire file in bnk and once i opened it grip at even 20% gas from a dead stop = 30ft burnout and any more = the car spinning 360 as soo as you hit the gas X-X tdu 2 file setup sucks lol this is only bad issue in rear wheel drive cars n some fwd car siting in one stopspinning its wheels going nowhere on a hill that n i olny have hardcore mode set all other make the car way to slow
  3. plz dont delete my post i'll re write it but dont just delete it an put a picture instead......... ok i can tell it not just my profile / game my big brothers don't work either sry for rage post game still dead here at 8:03 pm i still have mod launcher haha i can still get on lol runs online profile as off line one
  4. -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) --
  5. plz update this for patch v31 build 15 and glad your back love / have all of your mods but was too late for this one:cry:
  6. plz how in the world do you unpack tdu 2 i have all the needed items to do so i have the universal launche 1.5 i have the unpack.cmd that was needed to do it how ever it styarts opens all files then at end says someting like can not coppy to windows or something and the files are no where to be found im not a dummy i know how to mod cars and hex codes to a tee bu why wont it work @[email protected] AHHHHHHHHH
  7. i know its because reventon09 allready had them made and was waiting on tdumt II to be made public likeme but since i have no clue how to unpack tdu2 or even if i did it right i cant upload all the body kits for the cars in this game:rolleyes:
  8. Reimiku here hi all this is an account i created to get more help with tdu1 and 2
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