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  1. Hello! Is there any solution how to remove limitations of buying a reward car like Alfa 8c or ME Four-Twelve? How can I modify this? I'm using the community patch 2.00A.
  2. https://sharemods.com/ci12ww7fe8ub/Pagani_Huayra_tricolore.rar.html Pagani Huayra tricolore https://sharemods.com/1nop7cgh1u0u/Amuse_Nismo_380rs_Superleggera.rar.html Amuse Nismo 380rs Superleggera https://sharemods.com/tyarhb31r5xs/porsche_935_Test_Car.rar.html Porsche 935 Test car https://sharemods.com/ukz0r80e0zh8/Pagani_Haurya_R.rar.html Pagani Haurya R https://sharemods.com/o82zlsm4l26l/The_Fast_and_The_Furious_Supra.rar.html The Fast And The Furious Toyota Supra Turbo
  3. Taking the idea from another forum, I thought I would try to get a topic going where people can post what they have seen recently in the way of cars or maybe something else that may interest people. Would be nice if you had proof of a sighting but if not all is not lost :D. Should be an interesting topic if it gets going and try to keep it alive ;) Remember, what you are posting is what YOU saw and nobody else as Mb seems to forget this. ;) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's a BMW M3 E92 I saw at my local BMW Dealer 2 weeks ago ;) http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t270/TheScottishSpotter/BMWM3WhiteE92.jpg And here is what my garden looks like at the moment as we are getting work done to the house including an extension as you can see in the picture ;) http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t270/TheScottishSpotter/Garden102Edit1Resize.jpg This is a continuation thread, the old thread is [split]3039[/split] by The Queen Titled What You Saw Recently!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    TDU2 Original Vehicle Sound Pack by Frosty These are the original TDU2 sound files from the first official release of the game. NOTE: Not all of these sounds are perfect, some are quiet and others sound off compared to the RPM of the car. Use according to personal preferences. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some vehicles that have noticeably different sounds are: - AC Cobra 427 - Ariel Atom (300 Supercharged & 500 V8) - MOST Aston Martin models (some are very quiet) - Audi TTRS - Bugatti Veyron (all trim levels) - Ford Mustang GT - Koneigsegg CCXR Edition - Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione - Lotus Evora - Nissan GT-R (R35) - RUF RTurbo - RUF RT 12 - RUF RK Spyder - Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI - Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk6) (feel free to correct me, this is off of the top of my head) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation (GAME MUST BE UNPACKED) 1.) Open up your game directory, and go to Euro/Bnk/sound/vehicles 2.) Locate the sound file you want to replace, i.e. Ford Mustang GT would be (mustang_gt_high) 3.) Replace the current file with the one from the original sound pack. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sqlgeZaDKP6Ls5Cw3sk8MSre0UR3PA8Z?usp=sharing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below will be some videos of the current patch car sounds vs Patch 1 car sounds. AC Cobra 427: sound is broken after 7500 RPM Ariel Atom 500 V8: Audi TTRS: Bugatti Veyron (all trim levels): Ford Mustang GT: Lotus Evora: Patch 1 sound has messed up rpm Nissan GT-R: RUF (all cars have same sound): Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI:
  5. Hello again people! I have a great mod request, the extremely rare VW Nardò coupe/ roadster. Possibly a Zonda F replacement? or something that fast would be realistic. Replication of the W12 engine's sound is essential. Specs: Engine-W12 Horsepower-600 Weight-2646 lbs Top Speed-221+mph 0-62mph-~3.2seconds As far as i'm aware there are a handful of 3D models of the Nardo coupe from GT4, GT5, the best 3D model being GT6, also Race Driver: GRID as well as TDU1 where the Nardò Roadster can be found. I believe As for the sound, the best place to hear the car is the link below. [ATTACH]21061[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21060[/ATTACH][ATTACH]21062[/ATTACH][ATTACH]21063[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21064[/ATTACH][ATTACH]21065[/ATTACH][ATTACH]21066[/ATTACH][ATTACH]21067[/ATTACH]
  6. For all newcomers that are unable to find answers via searching, please ask your questions regarding the acquisition and installation of TDU2 PC mods in this thread after reading through this thread to make sure your query hasn't already been answered. Link to Unpacker GUI: Xarlith : TDU2 Unpacker GUI [v1.1] - Japan Language Support | turboduck forum Now how to insert a mod: After unpacking the game correctly you will find some more subfolders in the "Euro"-folder (e. g. avatar, database, frontend...and so on...). In these folders you will find files that in most cases can be modded. The most important folder "vehicules". Here you find all ingame-cars. C:\...\tdu2\Euro\bnk\vehicules\ here are 4 folders that are important - high (carbody) - interiors ("inside-life" of the cars) - med (make you see the same car (as yours modded one) on other player/s when drives it in game) - rims (selfexplaining, rims sorted by brands) additionally in some cases: C:\...\TDU2\Euro\Bnk\sound\vehicles\gtr_high.bnk (carsound, but not every package has a separate mod for the carsound) Example on a certain car (e. g. Nissan GT-R) Files of the car: - gtr.bnk (in the high-folder) - gtr_i.bnk (in the interior-folder) - gtr_med.bnk (in the med-folder) - gtr_low.bnk (in the med-folder) - gtr_f_01 (frontrims in the rim/nissan-folder) - gtr_r_01 (rearrims in the rim/nissan-folder) The files in the modpackage have the same names, cause it's needed for working. Only the content of the bnk-files is different (in other words modded). And the modded files have to be copied into the needed folders, that means they replace the originial files. Little advice from my side: make a savecopy of the hole "Euro"-folder, so if something gets messed up meanwhile modding, you still have all original files. Important is, that only the car can be replaced, which files are in the modding-package. It is possible to switch (e. g.) a nissan gt-r with a bugatti. But the car looks like crap afterwards. That's all folks ;) All previous threads asking about this have been merged and are below... please read through it - someone may have already asked your question.
  7. Hi there! I've made a simple mod that replaces car horns into working car blinkers! It's a really easy to install under 2 minutes of your time this mod was inspired by another mod that i saw, but the links were deleted, so i've technically resurected the mod back from the dead PREVIEW: LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/30d9duux524ki3u/Horn+Mod+by+Nick1999.zip P.S Can any moderator move this topic to Released Sounds? I cannot make a post there...sorry
  8. is it possible to change the car horns in the game? I find them quite blank, and i wanna change them. Are there any specific file format the sounds use? if anyone knows it would help me allot Nick1999
  9. The title might be a bit misleading, but I'm currently running the Community Ultra Pack and was wondering to basically save more car slots by making certain cars unlockable via tuning. E.g. buying a Ferrari 430 Spider and then taking it to the tuner to unlock the 430 Scuderia Spider 16M for the difference of what the cars cost right now (170k for the base 430, 210k for the 430 Scuderia --> 40k for the tuning kit). Would that be possible and, if so, how would I go about doing it?
  10. Hello, Anyone have yet car mods from TDU-central website ? Like on this videos: - - Greetings
  11. Hi. First of all, my enflish isn't perfect, sorry ! Is just discovered this magic forum, and have already select a hundred of vehicles that I'll like to install in TDU2. (Not really a hundred obviously but... xD). But I have a problem, on every cars mods posts it says something like "[...] replace ???" I understood so that if I want one of yours cars, it will replace a car already in the game, but I had a question: Is this obligatory to replace ? Is there a solution for just... add the car ? Even if it's difficult I would like to know if it's possible, 'cause I have so many cars of this forum that I want to install, it's just impossible, the game doesn't have enough cars to replace (xD) I have already installed the autopacks but I have so many separate cars that I want to Thank you in advance !
  12. For those of you who're like us, you definitely have in all probability been drooling like one in every of Pavlov's canine on the thought of driving Toyota's new Supra, particularly after seeing the GR Supra Racing Concept at Geneva this year. Whilst you nonetheless cannot get behind the wheel for real, now you can drive it in Gran Turismo Sport, and that is virtually pretty much as good, right? [caption id=attachment_7819" align="aligncenter" width="640] GR Supra Racing from Toyota's Gran Turismo[/caption] For these of you who do not get down with racing video games, Gran Turismo Sport is the first Gran Turismo game to be launched on PlayStation 4. Like all Gran Turismo video games, GT Sport is really detailed with wonderful physics which actually does make it the next smartest thing to really driving the cars of your dreams. The power to jump behind the wheels of the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept comes with the version 1.18 update to the game and is completely free. No need for paid DLC right here! Additionally cool is that due to the game, we now have an concept of the brand new racing Supra's power and torque figures that sit at 591 and 514, respectively. Weight is listed at 2,740 pounds, which implies that the GR Supra Racing Concept ought to be fairly dang fast. Toyota has been maintaining details on the production version new Supra fairly close to its chest, so the automotive exhibiting up in Gran Turismo represents one of many greater information dumps we have seen, even when it is for the racing car. The word across the campfire is that we'll see the highway automotive next year, so fingers crossed. We will bring you with more update in this development. Untill then, stay tuned.
  13. Hey guys! Do you have some videos of cars you drive? For example - acceleration, top speed and so on. I think that will be a good idea to start thread like this. That's my Honda Civic 1.8i-VTEC 0-100km/h acceleration with ESP turned on. I will record second attempt with ESP setting to off. CLICK: Honda Civic 1.8i VTEC Sport - 0-100km/h - VSA On [HD]
  14. Car designers: Are they too lazy? A criticism repeatedly raised on TDUCK and by automotive journalists alike is that car design is simply too monotonous and that in 2016 car designers have gotten lazy and lack any sort of imagination. This critique of car design is so frequently stated that it is quite easy to just accept that the criticism is valid. However, it it is worth bearing in mind that people, especially those on TDUCK (you know who you are!) just love to complain. This article aims to analyse this popular criticism and hopefully generate a debate as to whether it is correct or not worth paying attention to. The repeat offenders and the marques that receive the most criticism tend to be the luxury marques: Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and occasionally Lexus as well as many other car brands. Is the grass always greener on the other side? Is this lack of imagination from designers a new phenomenon? Let's examine the evidence. Warning: It might be worth having some google image tabs open at the ready to refresh your mind on the car models discussed below. Audi: Let's tackle Audi first. Going back a few decades, would the common street dweller be able to tell the difference between the 1986 Audi 80 B3, 1991 Audi 80 B4, the 1981 Audi 100 C3 and the 1990 Audi C4? The design language is very similar, if not almost identical in places. Moving swiftly along to the mid to late 90s: the 1994 Audi A4 B5, the 1994 Audi A6 C4 and the 1994 Audi A8 D2 all look remarkably similar, more or less just as similar to each other as the 2016 Audi lineup in my opinion. Today's Audi A4, A6 and A8 all look just as similar as they did in previous decades and most likely will do in the decades to come. Some models might look more similar than others but I would not call this a recent design lapse at Ingolstadt. Images from Wikipedia Commons: here and here Jaguar: Jaguar next, but not in as much detail as it simply is not needed. Any Jaguar from 1986 onwards looks very similar to any of its sister models and shares a lot of mechanical pieces. This goes into the Ford era too, the 2001 Jaguar X-Type looks like it is simply a shrunken 1994 XJ X300. There are of course some examples which are contrary to this cut and paste design job (XJS anyone?) but I would argue that this is still present in 2016. Ian Callum may try and stick the F-Type’s rear lights on an F-Pace but anyone that confuses the two vehicles needs an emergency trip to Specsavers. The XE and XF do look almost identical from afar, but up close the difference in scale gives you a clue as to which car is which. Like Audi above, Jaguar's car design similarities are nothing new. Images from Wikipedia Commons: here and here Mercedes: Now onto Mercedes Benz as this will hopefully help to cement my point. I dare you to google the following vehicles and then comment that car designers have an easier job in 2016 than they did back in the 80s: the 1982 Mercedes-Benz W201, 1984 Mercedes-Benz W124 and the 1984 Mercedez-Benz W126. Have a serious look at each of these vehicles, then come to me and try and explain why the current Mercedez-Benz C/E/S Class design debacle is worse. I would go out on a limb and say that Mercedes is the worst offender out of those analysed here. Images from Wikipedia Commons: here and here In summary: To conclude, no one is denying that car designers can be lazy. They are very obviously are set on having a clear design language that they then roll out to each and every car in their marque's range. However those acting like this is a new phenomena need to get some perspective. The release of the 2016 W213 E Class resulted in a lot of criticism for Mercedes-Benz, with many people now not being able to tell between the C/E/S Class. Although I disagree this is a new issue, I do agree that it is an awful habit and understand why the ever-popular criticism is so rife. The industry has gotten too comfortable, whether this is due to safety regulations I'm not sure. Those who are unhappy with all this copy and pasting in 2016 might be happy to learn that Audi’s new Design chief, Marc Lichte, has promised during an interview with Car Magazine that more exciting and differing designs should be expected from Ingolstadt in the not so distant future. Do we believe him? Let me know what you think in the comments section below or on the Forum: Are car designers having a joke or is this a commonly exaggerated issue in 2016?
  15. Since there are a growing number of TDUCkers playing pCARS and online multiplayer is currently being built (chat about online co-op career sounds interesting), let's start off with some friendly time trial competitions. NB - Don't try too hard at this, since leaderboards are reset if a new build features big enough changes to the physics or force feedback. As of November 2012 everyone is now on the new tyre model. Compare all player records here: Mielie_NL Ryzza5 T3hReaper91 Pyrre Pressurized Scar JaLaRu Acid44 GTAMADDOG Sponge ozzmcom SuperHyper Mellors DanG323i Googlproxer Destroyer-GT Patch Dustie Who MrLolololXD TDUFREAK500 Kelvy Mr Softie Sorted by UserID (when you joined). Perhaps we'll pick a certain car and track combo and focus on that as a weekly challenge. At the end of the week I'll pick someone at random (out of those who participated) to pick the next combo. All Aids must be turned off (besides 'Damage disabled' and 'Automatic Clutch') Week 27: BWM M3 GT at Besos (Circuit de Catalunya) pyrre - 1:47.539 T3hReaper - 1:49.140 ---- old ---- Week 1: Palmer Jaguar JP-LM at Anhalt GP (Oschersleben) pyrre - 1:20.900 Sponge - 1:21.833 T3hReaper - 1:22.800 Ryzza5 - 1:23.084 superhyper - 1:24.600 Week 2: Asano X4 Touring at Connecticut Hill GP (Watkins Glen) pyrre - 1:41.439 T3hReaper91 - 1:41.580 Sponge - 1:41.885 Ryzza5 - 1:43.404 superhyper - 1:43.503 Destroyer-GT - 1:45.273 googlproxer - 1:57.something Week 3: BAC Mono at Bologna (Imola) pyrre - 1:46.264 Destroyer-GT - 1:47.505 patch - 1:53.312 Week 4: Formula A at Bathurst (Mount Panorama) pyrre - 1:45.907 patch - 1:46.615 Ryzza5 - 1:49.830 Week 5: Asano X11 at Belgian Forest (Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps) DestroyerGT - 2:02.532 pyrre - 2:03.232 Ryzza5 - 2:05.109 Week 6: Gumpert Apollo S at Badenring GP (Hockenheimring) pyrre - 1:35.430 Destroyer-GT - 1:36.987 Ryzza5 - 1:37.501 Week 7: Stock Car (Road) at Derby National (Donnington) Ryzza5 - 1:08.076 pyrre - 1:09.599 patch - 1:12.064 Sponge - 1:38.734 (did the GP circuit) Week 8: Kart at Glencairn West Reverse pyrre - 21.872 patch - 22.567 Ryzza5 - 23.681 Week 9: Leonus F86 Pirault Turbo at Montery (Laguna Seca) Ryzza5 - 1:09.099 Destroyer-GT: 1:12.300 pyrre - 1:12.567 Week 10: Racer L4-RS at Florence GP (Mugello) Ryzza5 - 1:49.441 Who - 1:54.519 Week 11: Leonus F68 Cromwell V8 at Belgian Forest (Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps) pyrre - 2:25.033 Sponge - 2:26.599 T3hReaper - 2:27.833 Ryzza5 - 2:28.235 Who - 2:54.335 Week 12: Formula A at Florence GP (Mugello) pyrre - 1:25.602 Sponge - 1:25.763 T3hReaper - 1:29.886 Week 13: Pagani Zonda R at Bologna (Imola) Pyrre - 1:32.892 T3hReaper - 1:33.027 Sponge - 1:33.876 Ryzza5 - 1:36.859 Week 14: Formula Rookie at Loire National T3hReaper - 1:49.829 pyrre - 1:50.131 Sponge - 1:50.360 Destroyer-GT - 1:54.673 Ryzza5 - 1:59.173 Week 15: Caterham R500 at Heusden (Zolder) pyrre - 1:38.000 Sponge - 1:40.402 T3hReaper - 1:41.468 Destroyer-GT - 1:41.901 Week 16: Lotus 78 Cosworth at Milan GP (Monza) gsto2: 1:44.567 ozzmcom - 1:44.867 Destroyer-GT - 1:45.202 Week 17: Asano X4 Touring at Northampton (Silverstone) ozzmcom - 1:59.455 Destroyer - GT - 2:01.183 Ryzza5 - 2:02.120 pyrre - 2:05.057 Week 18 + 19: Caterham R500 Superlight at Bathurst (Mt Panorama) pyrre - 2:17.441 superhyper - 2:23.516 Destroyer-GT - 2:26.220 Week 20: Ariel Atom Mugen at Badenring GP (Hockenheimring) pyrre - 1:47.360 superhyper - 1:49.211 Ryzza5 - 1:49.322 DestroyerGT - 1:50.102 Week 21: Official Event: Pagani Zonda R at Belgian Forest (Spa) Ryzza5 - 2:06.968 MrLolololXD - 2:18.335 Week 22: Asano X4 Touring at Bathurst (Mt Panorama) gsto2 - 2:03.334 superhyper - 2:07.227 Ryzza5 - 2:07.894 MrLolololXD - 2:20.497 - Traction control turned on Week 23: Asano LM11 TDX at Conneticut Hill GP (Watkins Glen) pyrre - 1:30.203 Ryzza5 -1:31.572 SuperHyper - 1:31.734 Week 24: Asano X4 Touring Car at Eifelwald (Nordschleife) Pyrre - 6:31.900 Ryzza5 - 6:38.099 SuperHyper - 6:43.333 TDUFreak - 6:48.133 (ABS enabled) Week 25: Pagani Zonda R at Monterey (Laguna Seca) pyrre - 1:12.631 ozzmcom - 1:13.099 Ryzza5 - 1:13.568 googlproxer - 1:24.800 TDUFREAK - 1:16.200 (ABS enabled) Week 26: Thrustmaster competition #2: BMW Z4 GT3 at Florence (Mugello) pyrre - 0:53.049 Ryzza5 - 0:55.136 TDUFREAK500 - 0:55.328 RyzzaFunf - 0:55.392 patch - 0:55.415 RyzzaV - 0:55.761 RyzzaFive - 0:56.297 Destroyer-GT - 0:56.994 Acid44 - 0:58.157 TurboDuck - 0:58.161
  16. As i was enjoying the news the other day i saw a story on the current drama: camels. Yes, apparently in Australia we're having camel problems. Check it out! And as for this American anchor, lol you shoot your own animals and no on cares about it...Why don't you take care of that first! :)
  17. Fan-made video trailers will be posted here [media=vimeo]49717388[/media] [media=vimeo]46406757[/media] [media=vimeo]47730294[/media] [media=vimeo]47012065[/media] [media=vimeo]49895210[/media] Will start off with these and add more later
  18. Hi, First of all I completed both islands to a 100% so i'm happy now. But a year ago/two years ago I bought cars from the PSN Store and I installed them and they won't appear in the game even when i'm offline. Anybody have a solution for that? Those are the Europe versions because I'm from the Netherlands.
  19. Congrats to Santtu for winning (again). This weeks theme chosen by mau92 and is proudly sponsored by Cadbury. Want to get one of your screenshots on the forum banner for ~2 weeks? This is the place you want to be then! * Stick to the implied theme (don't look for technical loopholes). Send a PM to the person who chose the theme if you are not sure about your interpretation. * Images must not exceed 5MB, and be at least 990px wide by 340px tall. * Each person who enters must cast 3 votes for other entrants in the same week to remain eligible. You absolutely must not vote for yourself. Voting infringements may lead to disqualification in the event of a tie. * Winner picks the next theme, unless winning consecutively, in which case the runner up decides. * Winner has 48h to PM a new theme to me or another member of staff if I'm away, if they fail to meet this then forum staff will pick the theme. * Competition is limited to games on all platforms of any age that are classified as driving/racing games. (i.e. FPS games that have cars in them are not eligible). Please mention what game your screenshot is from if not obvious. * Minor non-enhancing editing permitted (cropping, addition of your name, etc) is permitted, as long as the actual screenshot isn't tampered with. Just like all the other photo comps before. Week 44: GT3 Street Cars "What about GT3 cars on its street version?" TDUFREAK500 http://i746.photobucket.com/albums/xx106/TDUFREAK500/rFactor2014-03-0116-25-30-53_zpsc677343f.png mau92 http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e178/mau992/Screenshot_ferrari_458_nurburgring_1-3-2014-16-28-56_zps18fffe03.png Ozzmcom Clarence Ryzza5 carlos_69 http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b580/PTdumptruck/camaro_zps4fb2bc57.png T1M superhyper
  20. We all have a few cars we like for whatever reason, but they are mostly unloved by the mainstream...or most people. So post one to get the ball rolling, someone else post's one and so on, much like the other ideas. Hopefully end up with a weird collection of cars knowing us lot :nuts: Rover Streetwise... Take a Rover 25, rise the ride-hight and give it rugged wannabe off of roader bodywork. Nothing too bad with it really, just the image of a old man trying to look cool(Rover in this case).
  21. Want to get one of your screenshots on the forum banner for ~2 weeks? This is the place you want to be then! * Stick to the implied theme (don't look for technical loopholes). Send a PM to the person who chose the theme if you are not sure about your interpretation. * Images must not exceed 5MB, and be at least 990px wide by 340px tall. * Each person who enters must cast 3 votes for other entrants in the same week to remain eligible. You absolutely must not vote for yourself. Voting infringements may lead to disqualification in the event of a tie. * Winner picks the next theme, unless winning consecutively, in which case the runner up decides. * Winner has 48h to PM a new theme to me or another member of staff if I'm away, if they fail to meet this then forum staff will pick the theme. * Competition is limited to games on all platforms of any age that are classified as driving/racing games. (i.e. FPS games that have cars in them are not eligible). Please mention what game your screenshot is from if not obvious. * Minor non-enhancing editing permitted (cropping, addition of your name, etc) is permitted, as long as the actual screenshot isn't tampered with. Just like all the other photo comps before. Week 43: GT3 Racing Cars "Welp, sorry I'm a bit late with this. My theme of choice would be GT3 racecars as in BMW M3/Z4 GT3, SLS GT3, 12C GT3 etc etc, should be clear enough Cheers!"
  22. hey guise, me and alot other people wish us more japanese cars in tdu2. something like those here: [ATTACH]19148[/ATTACH][ATTACH]19149[/ATTACH][ATTACH]19150[/ATTACH][ATTACH]19151[/ATTACH][ATTACH]19152[/ATTACH]
  23. So I have a question. Now I know we can replace cars with other cars but here is the question. Is it possible to just add a car to an empty spot in a dealer so we don;t replace things like the SLS with the M5.
  24. Hi, some days it appears we can buy DLC cars in TDU2 for TDU money, not for tokens, i want to ask how to keep them? Because first time when i restarted game, cars was lost (replaced by Mustang) and i got message that DLC hack was detected... So any idea on how to keep these free DLC cars? Thanks ---- Update: it can be achieved by playing with savegame files.
  25. ive been looking around on the web and ive seen a lot of muscle car mods but I can only find a few. if anyone could, please post some muscle cars. and if anyone has a 71-73 duster 340, I beg,post it please.
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