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  1. Who have vorked Zmodeler 2.2.6 , please, :kbsmash: send me this stupid program any possible, please!!!!:pcpunch:
  2. Thanks, you realy help me. I think i will do it about 3 month. :D
  3. This is iLLusion Winter Add-on. I would try done somethin like it.
  4. Modders can halp me only in one - say me were i can found textures of earth. Other i done myself
  5. iLLusion, please, say, how are you edit textures of the earth????
  6. So, gues. Today i finished edition of the trees and grass. Now winter and not many time ago was NEW Year - i dicided painted they in white color. Please, wait. I will add photos and link for downloading. [ATTACH]17115[/ATTACH] Thank`s D`jey for TDUMT2 and Knyazev for TDUMT2 - Texture Tools:) Sorry, my english is not very good Link for dawnloading - version not actuality. white earth coming to tdu2!!! With white trees game was better. And more playable.
  7. Maybe, this avatar wil be best.
  8. Thanks. Guys, who had know, what file include textures of the earth? Maybe, they included in files part of the map: Area #-# and Sector #-#-#-# (Sorry, my english is not very good)
  9. Hi, people. My name Oleg, i from Ukraine:csmile:
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