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  1. Yes :D You just need the money :P redo some missions that gives you 1.000 and Up 9 perks on the "Dealer Discount" Perk to low 20% cars price xD PS: I'm almost buying 1967 Shelby GT500 :D
  2. As I drive some cars cut in front of me so I always said: BEEP BEEP
  3. My Screenshots of First Day :D More than 450Km :P
  4. TDU2 dont have VAC Suport ( Screenshot by Lightshot ) so please do not speak things that are not true......
  5. I have the same problem on my Sapphire R9 280X Toxic and Zotac GTX 770 AMP.... Maybe is about some texture file???? Like Wroom New ibiza roads
  6. Not his fault is that part of the Forum in TDU2 things have been a little tense :P I even noticed that many no longer attend daily section of TDU2 and has doubtless :P @Mod - I will not end because we currently have best mods but if someone wanted to finish or do something if you have doubts only send-me PM and try to help with the possible about litle editions :v
  7. So funny Sorry if I wrong Mr. perfection. joker ")))"
  8. Maybe a Lamborghini Aventador 50th Anniversary and Lamborghini Aventador Roadster :P
  9. After a while I went back to playing TDU2 but when I load my Save it just crashes the game.... if I use a save game from the internet in offline mode it works but my personal savegame simply does not work anymore even in online mode and offline..... Does anyone have any tips?? start all over again would take time and it would be my last option.... PS: Sorry for bad english i'm on work now :P
  10. To install the mod you need unpack your game :)
  11. I have been following the work on off.... Just seeing the post of members who use the patch and those who do: I have only praise for the mod that brought great improvement to the game and the work is very good and I like a lot more than new cars added to modify the cars as the feeling of driving a "new car" of Unofficial Patch than modded car.... And what of all the videos we've done so far on the patch are the ones that appear to have interest :P I hope you keep up the good work and take as long as necessary for better "performance" mod and use the same!!!! The mods are awesome and I see no time to be able to drive the Aventador and Gallardo :P PS: Sorry for the bad combination words I'm at work and I have to be quick :sulk:
  12. Very good job :D If you can increase the shade will be beautiful :P
  13. I dont like Alfa Romeo but that C8 :drool: :drool:
  14. Beautiful image!!!! No doubts about Lambo Dealer :D :P
  15. thank you that was what I wanted to know.... if the option of setting the table and was in the Source game or could be changed (do not know what they are messing the TDU2 ) About the Source game I know you do not have but for example, I already work on Source of the game "The Warz" and many things could be done without having to fiddle the source only minor editing settings in the game files (which all player can have access to these files) :P therefore questioned whether it was possible or not to do :)
  16. I think you misunderstand the point of my SUGGESTION and not REQUEST I just asked that question because like any other game may be to use a database to create a new "menu" of options, ie, use a portion of the wheel chooses as a basis to create one to choose from already existing models and not to create new models like u say.... I gave example of the Aventador because there are already 3 different mods ( Oakley,DMC and Normal ) of the same car and with the same size and position being that could use a single slot 1 Aventador were to buy and when to choose which model to use Creating the "menu" have spoken and not creating different mod 1 for each car like you said.... If the files that change TDU UP have this information is very easy to do but only if it is within the source code of the game there is not.... @Edit For example: If u use slot "258" to put aventador like new mod inside the patch, and say that the code of the car customization menu is well: { 258 CarName= Lamborghini Aventador Filecar= aventador.bnk MedFile= aventador_med.bnk Interior="aventador_i.bnk" Sound="aventador.bnk" Rims= aventador_f_01.bnk; aventador_f_02.bnk } U can make this: { 258 CarName= Lamborghini Aventador Filecar= aventador.bnk; aventador_dmc.bnk; aventador_oakley.bnk MedFile= aventador_med.bnk Interior="aventador_i.bnk" Sound="aventador.bnk" Rims= aventador_f_01.bnk; aventador_f_02.bnk } Of course the code is not for you this is just a hypothesis I think it's clearer now what I wanted to explain :)
  17. The Nissan GTR Nismo 2014 ?? :P My First try ( FAIL ) Not applied textures or anything because I'm still learning and trying to figure out how to import models without crash my game, As I tried to design my Kawasaki ZX10 and every time I import the model the ZModeler crash >_> ( Once you get off work I'll start all over again in ZX10 design ) Now i just have the patience to fix the inside and then think about applying textures... The 458 was just a test following the tutorial minime891 ( tanks:P ) And tanks to Reventón09 for help on motorcycle model :D as soon as i get home show's attempt ZX10 '-'
  18. Any idea of a next update? Can not wait to see :3 Edit: I dont know if this is bug our not but when i go play on offline mode ( to test some mods ) i found a bot using school car ;v http://img33.imageshack.us/img33/6072/j74c.jpg One idea: is possible to add bodykit choice when buying the car? for example, we have several mods of Aventador, Normal Aventador, Aventador DMC and Aventador Oakley, and on the purchase had to choose which model to use? How to choose the model like the wheels, paint and interior?
  19. Bikes too :P I can not wait for new bikes :lol: :sohappy:
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