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  1. Hello TDUChicken I m just a random player of offline TDU2 and i saw your 'unreleased' mods in the topic 'showing of your wip mods' and i was wondering are there any of them available for those who want them just to play around with them in their games? If yes i would like to have some cars like the 458 speciale aperta ?

    1. Hi ! How's the work ? You started the Aventador Roadster ? Can you send me a pic of the work maybe or you can tell me the time left that i have to wait until the mod is finished ? Please, thanks.

      1. Hi ! I want to know something , if you have the Aventador 50 Anniversario finished , or you know where i can find the Aventador Roadster, 'cause chocolatestar says that he has the Aventador Roadster but he doesn't share it with others.

        1. I wanted to congratulate all you guys on the pack! Every single Detail's great! Sorry for my lack of onlineness btw... Got a new Computer and had lots and lots of work to do... But for now great to see all the Progress on this patch, congrats for that! :D Cheers
        2. Yea man, sure! :) I'm still working on all my ,,planned mods,, ;) But in the last time I didn't have a lot of time... But I try to do my best in the future :D

          1. Hey chicken, are you still working on the Aventador 50 Anniversario mod? I was just reading some old posts and you mentioned you were making one... Would love to see it and was wondering if you were still making it?

            1. Sorry man I was too busy... But I guess I'm back now? Anyways trying to get into the whole thing again ;) Cheers tduchicken
            2. No there isn't yet :/ But there will be many versions added ;) such as a livery edition, black interior etc. :D
            3. Link Fixed - MEDIAFIRE Tester Noted - F12Berlinetta :D
            4. Hey Guys! [ATTACH]22731[/ATTACH] 2004 Maserati MC12 [V 1.0] Vehicle replaced: Ferrari Enzo Converter/Creator: tduchicken Credits: 3D Model by Forza Horizon 2/TDU 1, Wheels by StarGT - Interior Forza Horizon 2 - Mod by tduchicken Tester: F12Berlinetta [ATTACH]22732[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]22733[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]22734[/ATTACH] MEDIAFIRE [ATTACH]22735[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]22736[/ATTACH] !!Please make sure to backup your original files before installing this mod!! Terms of use: ------------ - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of tduchicken (Property of rims = StarGT) ------------------ - You are NOT allowed to change the download link!!! Enjoy! :)
            5. Man you don't have to Request this in this Thread... I can't decide and don't know what comes in the next patch ;) And the Chickenpatch is closed for now ;)
            6. Man that's so awesome!!! Really great work!!! :) Congrats to all of you, who were involved!! :D Cheers
            7. haha thx ;) hmm can't promise anything but I'm trying to find a good model :D
            8. I'm sorry... Don't have any clue :/
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