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  1. Hi all! I'm trying to make a tunning pack for Jaguar xk120 se roadster and some data does not match the data shown later in the game For example: carphysicsdata table: aceleration 79 handling 45 braking 85 braking distance 78.6 feet aftermarketpacks table: speed ratio 10% power ratio 20% weight ratio -4% these three values work perfect acel ratio 6% ??? cx ratio -9% ??? suspension ratio 15% ??? breaking ratio 8% ??? these four values influence car values somewhat? carpacks table: accel_0_100 7,8s brakingdist 93 handling 49 game: original data -> tunned data Acceleration 7 -> 17 Speed 2 -> 10 Handling 45 -> (49) added manually in carpacks table Breaking 52 -> 100 ??? so i think handling value is not calculated and acceleration and speed don't matter how game calculates breaking values? Thx!
  2. Hi there! At the beginning i bought a car (Ferrar 458 Italia), and i created this pack: 001 (ferrari 458 italia) - Slot 1 002 (ferrari 488 GTB) - Slot 2 and Slot 3 are empty Now i want to create a pack for the second car, so i made: 002 (ferrari 488 gtb) - Slot 1 003 (ferrari f8 tributo) - Slot 2 and Slot 3 are emtpy (2 lines have the same brand) So if i start the game and i go with my 458 to the tunning shop it works perfect. Now when i go to the tunning shop with my 488 gtb it says that the 488 is tunned to the max. I tried a lot of things, in the last one, i have changed the order of the 2 lines above, and now i can tune both of them, with 458 i have no problems, but when i go with the 488 gtb i can select ferrari f8 tributo and ferrari 488 gtb but it appears if it had done this in the table: 002 (ferrari 488 gtb) - Slot 1 003 (ferrari f8 tributo) - Slot 2 and Slot 3 are emtpy 002 (ferrari 488 gtb) - Slot 1 003 (ferrari 488 gtb) - Slot 2 and Slot 3 are emtpy 001 (ferrari 458 italia) - Slot 1 002 (ferrari 488 GTB) - Slot 2 and Slot 3 are empty why? I am doing something wrong or it cannot be done what i want? Sorry for my english Tanks!
  3. Hi Djey! Congratulations for your AMAZING work. I am testing your patch and i have a common problem with 3 of your 29 unlocked slots. In all cases i have replaced the files and asigned each car to a car dealer. It doesnt matter wich car and in witch dealer. Car appears in the dealer and i can make all the things i can make with others, but once selected, when i push a button to move the car, rear wheels dissapear and car start 'shaking'. The unlocked slots with problems are: Aston martin DB7 Volante, Maserati GT Copue and Aston martin db ar1. If i move the car to other slot, the car works perfect. Can you help me? Thanks
  4. Hi guys! AMAZING tutorial Driver:TDU Do you plan to continue with this tutorial? I would like to make my contribution to the game with some mods: [ATTACH]23819[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]23820[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]23821[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]23822[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]23823[/ATTACH] Thx
  5. Hi all! Congratulations for this amazing mod! After several attempts, following nicram7666's manual my tdu is working. But in my case, to work property, i've had to make some changes. Installing the mod, vanquish, MB C63, ford gt (?), Bentley and triumph didnt appear. I've had to replace the first 3 mods in vehicules folder. For MB C63, i've had to add my sixteen.bnk and sixteen_i.bnk files in vehicules folder, and with the last one, i've added DAYTONA_955I.bnk and DAYTONA_955I_I.bnk in vehicules folder and DAYTONA_995I_F.bnk and DAYTONA_995I_F.bnk in vehicules/rim/Triumph/ folder. Be careful,the last 2 files dont have '_01' part in their names.
  6. Hi! In my case, it works perfect (patch 1.68 included) without any cheats (compatibility mode, ....) Pc specs: Intel core i7 16gb corsair ati 7850 2gb oc Windows 8 64bits
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