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Help! 2 problems with models missions and f class races


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I hope you can help me!

I make my own tdu game with new cars, new rims, ... and i have changed the most of the data. Each car has its wheels, originals or news. I have also changed some achievements (6 ferraris instead of 3, ...)

I've installed all patches, 1.68 patch and 289 races mod included. Club and online races now are offline races and properties of theese races are changed (level of appearance, ...), and some routes are modified. Original races are not modified.

Problem 1: 2 seats model missions work, but restriction doesn't. I don't know when this problem started but at least i can play them 'without' problems.

Problem 2: This is the big problem. I can't play F class races. I can see F class races but when i select one, game says my car is not a f class car. It doesn't matter if i buy a new car or if i start a new game.


I have 'created' the game from 0 twice and after the first time i thought it was a rim problem. If a install all the mods without adding new cars game seems to work, but now i'm not sure.

I have checked a lot of things, db integrity, f class car value, carid values, cars and rims references, ...


I don't know what to do, suggestions, ideas, questions?



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