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  1. Does someone know how I can get a hold of the TDU megapack again? I bought it, but the links in the old email are all dead. And I also can't really find anything online other than shady websites.
  2. I just took TDU1 off the shelf and decided to give it a go, but it doesn't work on my new laptop. Has anyone got it to work on Windows 8? At first the game did start, but froze after finishing the intro videos. But now I constantly get the message that my OS isn't compatible. I have Windows 8 pro, 64 bit. I already tried it in compatible mode. I was hoping there is some quick fix, but I can't find any people who tried TDU 1 on Windows 8.
  3. Is it just me, but I lost all interest after hearing they showed not a single bit of interest in fixing the engine sounds... In my eyes, aside from handling, the most important thing in such a racing game. I don't need another 100 cars ontop of 200 premium cars, 1000(?) standard cars and 3 new tracks. The new handling is nice, but it looks like a $60 GT5 update, not much more :/ + I have to empty my wallet monthly for some real content, not a big fan of that too.
  4. Would just like to report that after much googling I found a solution, I downloaded Sweetfx configurator and started tdu2 trough that. But now I am getting the message "cheater detected" seconds after I get into the game. Anyone else having this? Right now I have just unistalled sweetfx and everything seems fine.
  5. Are you running TDU2 as admin? Because I get a black screen on startup and then I immediately crash back to the desktop. But I can't set TestDrive2.exe as admin because in windows 8 it has no compatibility tab in the properties.
  6. Anyone has any links? They all seem either dead or not working with this version of tdu2.
  7. They are up again, but many people are reporting all dlc cars having turned into miami harris cars and casino dlc is gone with the message that everyone is using dlc hacks....
  8. This Ivory Towers project, I can't find anything about it other than an article from yesterday saying it is a game for xbox 360, ps3 and ps4... but no pc.
  9. :) This is how TDU3 should be, DAMNIT! Not some high life poker, cocktail crap, but cruising and racing and not much more. Just spend hours and hours cruising along coast lines, hills and highways. It's 2013 now, why isn't there any game company out there producing a game that actually surpasses tdu1, not something that comes close to it, aka forza horizon, but a game that gives us the magic tdu1 gave us in 2007, the only difference being that we actually make use of all the technology 2013 has offer. To close off my comment: Imagine this with 1.000+ km of roads aka TDU1 in 2013. :/
  10. I guess this too doesn't work with the latest build.
  11. Getting myself a second hand Driving Force GT this week. Getting excited for some TDU again. Any news on this community patch, especially the handling? And if only map modding was possible for TDU1...:(
  12. Is there any update on the .xmb files? Maybe you can change the radio stations with the setup.xmb file? Then we could change the track lenght and such, would be great for custom music!
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