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  1. I don't see whats so funny... just remembered seeing a tank mod for TDU and thought it would be cool to see one in this game too :/ Not impressed with the childishness I've seen here...
  2. I would like to request bringing HQ tanks to TDU2 from War Thunder or World of Tanks. I remember that there was an M1 Abrams mod for TDU and I think it would be neat for tank and car lovers like myself to enjoy driving tanks in the open world of TDU2. I think it would be fairly easily done as interiors would not need to be created and its simply a matter of exporting the HQ tank models to this game. The only obstacle I can think of is the tracks- I think serious animation would be needed there! What do you guys think? :P
  3. Nice fixes StarGT but its a shame you swapped the R8 V8 model the V10 model. The R8 V8 no longer has its quad exhausts and different looking grilles etc and it just looks like there are two R8 V10s in the garage now :/ Other than that, the fixes are good and its nice to see the R8 Spider in the dealership :)
  4. Really nice model :clap: But, the red interior looks naff and theres a gap between windscreen and A pillar + several other issues on the interior. There have been too many mods recently that look really nice on the outside, but the interiors look really low quality. Hope the interiors can can be sorted out soon :ill:
  5. Ferrari 458 Spider wheels weren't bugged there was just something wrong with my installation so sorry for false report!
  6. The quality of the model on the outside is brilliant! Well done :) However, the only things that let this mod down are the bad textures on steering wheel and sat nav. Please fix and this will be a terrific mod!
  7. Really, really nice mod :) Only problems I can see are the missing headlights on road that Michael pointed out and that the buttons/switches on interior are quite blurry and you can't really make out what they say! Please fix these issues and this will be a tremendous mod!
  8. Michael, I'm not "telling" what cars should be added, I am only suggesting/requesting. Maybe you should stop constantly criticising/nit-picking all of StarGT's and VRS Design's work. I see a post in nearly every thread by you going on about how a mod "isn't right". Its sad really, considering these modders work for free.
  9. Loving this pack! I really appreciate the work put into it and the quality it brings to the game alongside the Unofficial Patch :) Hate to bug report but here is a pic of one bug I have found in game on the 458 Spider: [ATTACH]27027[/ATTACH] Other than that, I have only noticed bugs on vanilla cars added by the Unofficial Patch. Would be great if in the next update if these bugs could be fixed and new cars added. First bug is the pink Audi R8 V8 engine bay: [ATTACH]27028[/ATTACH] Second bug is the interior view of the 370Z Nismo changing colour when you approach it: [ATTACH]27029[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27030[/ATTACH] Here are my requests for next update: - Fix Audi R8 V8 pink engine bay texture - Fix 370Z Nismo interior view changing colour - Improve LaFerrari textures on dials and rev counter on steering wheel. - Add Audi R8 Spider to Audi garage (as Spyker Aileron has already been added) - Add all club cars to garages - Add more of the brilliant cars created by StarGT, such as the 2010 BMW M6 and 2013 BMW M6, Mercedes-Benz S-Class S65 2012, 2014 Range Rover Vogue, Marussia B2, Mercedes-Benz W222 Brabus 850 etc... - Add this latest car to pack: Released - Kuznetsova: 2017 Audi R8 Plus V10 | turboduck forum with proper LED lights :P - If possible, I would love to see mods by VRS Design improved by StarGT and for those cars to be added to the game. An improved Mercedes AMG GT, Mercedes GLE, Jaguar F-Type, Maserati Ghilbi, 2012 Mercedes SLK 55, Mercedes CLS, Mercedes GL63 AMG, etc... - General improvements to quality of models if applicable/needed Please implement all this in the next patch, it would really make this game brilliant! Keep up the good work :)
  10. wow this looks amazing! Looks of a good quality too! Will download when I get home :P
  11. This looks much better than the other new shape R8 on this site I will download it when I get home!
  12. Model looks nice from outside but its a shame that certain textures on the inside look bad (vents in middle of dashboard, controls on roof next to rear view mirror) :/ Please fix!
  13. Just tested out Chicken's LaFerrari in this pack... My verdict? It's tduchicken's best mod so far- its awesome! The interior looks especially lovely! Solid 9/10 would drive again :) Only downside is the lights don't really light up but this is minor as I mainly drive in the daytime :) This patch is getting better and better! Just need to get someone to edit the 3d models of the other cars if possible so we can make those annoying bugs vanish. :D
  14. Please fix this pack first before adding anymore cars! Little things like i8's head glitch + hand and leg positioning in nearly all cars need fixing first :) Get help if you need some! I'm sure theres a modder out there that can help with the hand positioning :) Once this pack is sorted out, it will really enhance TDU2. No more replacing vanilla cars, compatible with UP, loads of new cars in dealerships... it could be the best thing to come to this game (apart from the UP) :P To really make this pack great, I think this needs to be more of a community effort! Not just mitkop on his own :duck:
  15. I really like the idea of this :) But its way too buggy at the moment. Definitely a beta! The main bugs are hand and camera placement in the cars, as well as heads clipping through car roofs. Once all of the bugs are fixed, this will really enhance the game and maybe more and more cars could be added, eliminating the need for replacing cars with mods! Also, some of the sounds for the new cars are dreadful. Using vanilla car sounds would be better... I hope more modders will come along to help this project! Its such a good idea :)
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