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  1. can anyone confirm that? i get still no response from the servers. server-status page is still unavailable?!
  2. Sadly...yea. http://clientstats.testdriveunlimited2.com/TDU2_PC/GameServersStatus
  3. That saves time... thx ...awaiting access....
  4. Importfest 2016 unofficial aftermovie | toronto | 4k | cj shoots
  5. Clean Culture: Socal Season Opener (Santa Anita, 2016) Every inch, every kiss Hell I could get used to this :) :nods::happyroll:
  6. N00b question... why i have to use Universal Launcher 3.3 and not 3.5? What happen if i use the newer version? my english is rly bad.... pls more simple explain. does i need any other download then "TDU2 AUtoPack ver.1.71 "Serenity Pack" (includes all 47 cars from ver.1.71)" to get all features? how ever...awesome work. how many hours you guys spend for this? The Installer... how about a installer with Unpack Work-Around logic and UP0.4 included? (more easy for "normal" users) the installer can check for both. Screens... More Screens pls :)
  7. TDU2 ...but Servers down since yesterday.... :-x
  8. sadly i read this thread too late... the problem you have is 100% the result of a hardware damage. the bsod dump you´ve posted is a clear message. the stop code 0x00000124 comes from hardware abstraction layer. (f.e. in case of accessing corrupt/damged memory, hardware didnt response for IRQ Signal etc...) to terminate which component it is we need a bit help... download & install "whocrashed". before disable "automatic reboot" in Systemproperties pls. after next BSOD execute the tool and post the dump Link "WhoCrashed" Tool: Download WhoCrashed Free Home Edition - MajorGeeks
  9. oO nothing like that. It was only interest. i am impresed about the tons of models and asked myself where they all come from. and if i am a author of something, i dont have to ask for it, i know it. ;) you act very overcas...
  10. nice that you like it. i will overwork the tron skin anyway. in the next version i let the sponsor decals away :) check this thread in 2 days again for a update of the skin. @Loekie5500: what do you mean with "its so hard". logging skin with texmod, exit game, replace png with skin and start again with the package.
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