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  1. Im interested in this waiting for video :p
  2. Just reinstall or try another launcher. Im using knyazevs universal tools
  3. Someone able to upload interior screenshots?
  4. Hey everbody. I really want to say, its a great quality mod and it's totally worth downloading, could become one of your favorite mods easily. Besides of that, I wanted to say I found a little bug which should be fixed, didnt find anything else. The turning signal, or "blinker" in the mirrors. The left side is working, the right side is buggy. Should not take that long to fix that, when can I expect a fix for that StarGT? Work is highly appreciated. :clap:
  5. yeah, but that one is replacing the gtr, and not a faster car like the veyron am I right
  6. Is the brown one without the big spoiler included? looks better
  7. He wants to convert cars from tdu to tdu2 ;)
  8. lol, how to get the f50? i mean this is not a mod, it has it own slot. how did you do that :O
  9. Is it released? If so, is it possible to release it on this forum, as it is the only one im downloading mods for tdu2 from. because this is a site i trust
  10. yeah, but sadly the turning signals dont work. I really hope stargt is going to fix them :)
  11. :( definitely need a fix. waiting for that since tdu2 appeared
  12. OH MY GOSH!!!! Finally someone thats working on my favorite tdu2 car. Do the turning signals work in the interior?
  13. cant wait for bugfixes. That thing has got potential
  14. Every mod which is provided for free by people, who have just fun creating those is really great and appreciated. I just always get virus alarms on his site
  15. what does it replace? where to get? is it free? is it free of viruses on linked ad sites?
  16. is the interior turning signals working? if yes, would you mind uploading it?
  17. Improved Q7 and improved SLS, mostly interior work
  18. where did u find that yellow lancer?
  19. adding interior indicators to the audi Q7 was requested by me so long time ago, thread got many hits, but i guess it will never happen, which is really sad because it is the greatest car to cruise around on tdu2 A even more improved complete new model would be nice to see too, but thats just something i can dream of apparently
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