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  1. Αρίστο αν θελήσεις βοήθεια στα ελληνικά πες μου ή στείλε μου pm
  2. i agree with PeterBrown. I would also like to gain more money for racing an hour. keep trying on yourself peter, im sure you will find the specific file you are looking for. when and if you do, please let us know how you did it! Good Luck!
  3. hahaha, with all the respect, i laughed a lot with "ich", but you are german so that explains everything :D first of all i think you need to be able to decrypt tdu2 files (one way is tdudec) but i guess you already know that. did you check GamePC and SystemPC files? maybe what you are looking for is in there (to open these you need to decrypt them)
  4. maybe binbow or mitkop81 could answer if there is a limited number of slots for the rims . I personally believe though, that you can edit the slots number for rims with TDU2VPE
  5. How to make a car mod? | turboduck forum
  6. first of all, the f430 you are talking about , is it from the original game or added/modded from DreamPack/Autopack mod? possible solution: open TDU2VPE, load the car you want and go to "Tire/Rims" tab and then select the "Rims" tab. There, make sure the rims file name are correct and are the same with the name of the file you put in the rims folder directory. The reason i say this is because i think that some cars are using rim files from other cars, or have in common the rims file name with other cars.
  7. yes that is possible, but maybe you have to change the rim files name within TDU2VPE. or maybe you just have to edit the name of the rims you want to add. Lets take for example the Subaru Impreza. In the games rim directory, add the file impreza_wrx_sti_2007_f_02 , without deleting the original file, impreza_wrx_sti_2007_f_01 do you get what im saying or do you want me to explain it better? sorry if my english is a bit bad.
  8. TDU2VPE is currently not compatible with Autopack and Dreampack mods. It is only compatible with TDU2 Unofficial Patch. Maybe in the future mitkop and binbow will make it compatible with dreampack too
  9. are you using any autopack / dreampack mods along with tdu2 unofficial patch ?
  10. u dont need the vehicle id, you just need the camera id. if you cant find the exact camera id that will suit you, you might as well use the tdu2 cam hack, which allows you to set the cockpit view exactly as you want it, in-game.
  11. you want the actual final speed limiter to be 315? then maybe you have to set it to 256 or 258? if you want to completely remove the limiter, you have to set it to 0
  12. Mitkop81 is wrong. It does not only have to do just with unfinished characteristics. Any other physics.cpr file except for the original will make the gears work and the 69 km/h speed limiter dissapear. So you dont have to copy all from other released vehicle, but just change your physics.cpr file. ;)
  13. Well, the TDU2VPE itself has the ability to remove ANY speed limiter completely. you just have to set the speed limiter to 0
  14. yes, this physics.cpr may work and there is no speed limiter, but i dont like the cars handling that this file provides any other possible solution?
  15. gearbox type (mechanical etc) and shifting settings (automatic/manual) is not working.
  16. so do you know specificly which one characteristic we have to edit so that the cars' top speed can be more than 69 km/h ?
  17. im having a problem with unreleased vehicles, for example Abarth Punto S2000 and Ascari KZ1 first, i make them available in game (put 3d .bnk files in directory vehicules/high etc, click isvalidpc ) but when i buy that vehicle in-game and drive it, it will not go more than 69 km/h i tried puting 0 in the speed limiter but this does not work. do you know any possible solution to this?
  18. yes please, if you could enable this option my friend, it would be great
  19. maybe it is that, but everytime you click (or check) that box and then you press save, when you re-load that vehicle, the box is "AvailableInScr" is unchecked :/ that means you can never make a vehicle of your choice to appear in Solar Crown races
  20. what about the option "is market place" in the miscellaneous section?
  21. @binbow ok my friend... i had to uninstall the autopack mod and restore all original data, thus losing all of my modifications... nevermind, i installed TDU2 Unofficial Patch and TDU2VPE is working with that patch. now i will try to re-install autopack mod (which is compatible with tdu2 UP) and maybe TDU2VPE will work with it too. if not, i will uninstall it again. i have one porblem though. when i try to put any car, such as traffic cars in a dealership, even though i select the proper dealership and check "is valid pc"box, that car does not appear in the dealeship. what should i do?
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