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  1. [quote name='StarGT']u always have choice : VRS Design mods from sharemods or my mods from depositfiles p.s. u dont want to wait 15 minutes but one mod take 15 hours clear time to made it[/QUOTE] Actually, I don't need to choose, I can download the mods from both of you. It was just[U] [B]a suggestion[/B][/U]. I never said I had a problem waiting 15 or less minutes (I have to do it to download mods for other games), but if you have a choice to start uploading your new mods from now on to a site which provides a better service with no drawbacks to you, why not? That was my point. No need to "play the victim" or acting like you're doing this for nothing... @MagicV8 I'm on Wi-Fi here, fixed IP.
  2. TDU3FTW


    Thanks, but why aren't the images appearing?
  3. @StarGT You should open an account and start uploading your own mods to sharemods.com, it's the same thing as Deposit Files (your earn money based on the download numbers) but the free download speed is much faster and you don't have to wait 15 mins between downloads, unlike Deposit Files. BTW Nice car VRS :tup:
  4. TDU3FTW

    StarGT : 2006 Porsche Carrera GT #1270

    One of the best sounding V10 cars ever built. Beautiful job as always, thanks!! :tup: There's a pretty good sound mod for this car here in the forums, I just don't know if it's synchronized with the default performance of the RT12. (it works well with the old Tool381 Carrera GT though)
  5. Finally a top quality 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus without bugs. Looks amazing :tup: Next autopack release candidate maybe? ;) Thanks a lot StarGT andof course to Brian Balliu for the contribution to the community. :)
  6. TDU3FTW

    Ibiza Renovation V.2

    Thanks a lot, another outstanding mod and a breath of fresh air into the game! Keep it up :tup:
  7. I hope miktop reads this then. I don't now if the 1.9 realistic performance database can be used with Autopack 1.8 or if one has to download the 1.9 preview.
  8. What software are you using to unpack files? Install the latest version of 7-Zip if you already haven't and then download the fixed database file, extract to the game directory (Euro > BNK > Database) and replace file when asked.
  9. [quote name='mitkop81']@TDU3FTW Did you have same problem?[/QUOTE] No, but I'm still playing on Autopack 1.7.3
  10. I found a video of Project Cars 2 (which has that car, the last variant I think), at 1:11 they show the stats of the car: Here are the stats: Top Speed: 334,7 Km/h or 208mph Acceleration 0-60mph (96,5 km/h): 4,59 secs. Power: 640hp Weight: 874,9 Kg Transmission: 5 speed H pattern Engine: straight 4 Here's a test drive video from the same game: Also found these, hope it helps: 1977 BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 Specifications - Ultimatecarpage.com | Project Cars - 1978 BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 progress - Bsimracing | 1978 Cars
  11. TDU3FTW

    Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione Sound Mod

    I love those backfire crackles. Great mods again (plus the one for the Agera R). Thanks and keep up the good work :tup:
  12. He can only do that if the author of the mod gives him permission to improve it (to add it to Autopack same thing) and even then I don't know if it's possible to fix those issues as the mesh is right now, I'm not sure but I think maybe he would need to start from scratch with an unmodified mesh.
  13. Cool mod, hope they make other recent mods of theirs public as well soon. Thanks for sharing :tup:
  14. I don't see the Ascari A12 in that list, only the KZ1R. Is it because it's gonna be replaced or something?
  15. TDU3FTW

    TDU2 Show-Off-Your-Mods thread

    @Ramon1991cobra What's that? A UFO, a plane from the game or the Delorean from Back to the Future? :laugh: