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  1. Sometimes i wonder what exact kind of issues you have :confused: i really do
  2. How can you put F40 in a G Class @Stories the car has too much power for that class , and stop reading wikipedia dont make me search for my old magazines im old enough to know the whole story ...idk how old are you but , we know something about Ferrari too , been a fan for over a 25 years now ...
  3. Listen mate , 1st i answered your pm and was very nice to you but mentioning my nickname out of my threads and "thanks for nothing" ? you are driving both mine and Zoqqer's mods that are in Milli's pack so what does that say about you as a person?? , 2nd do i owe you something ? maybe should make some mod just for you ? listen i'm making the mods for my self and every modder does the same , we are sharing i repeat SHARING our mods with the community because we like that not because it's our obligation , clear ?!
  4. just one thing you got wrong there ..fix=steal,re posting on other site as their own ... cheers im not offended by you mate
  5. Change my opinion about what mate ? The current situation in TDU modding community made me do this , the situation of stealing mods , "fixing them" , there are people that are without shame in the community right now.While this is going on ... i wont be able to release anything 'cause it will be fixed. And TDU2 modders should watch out because their mods are getting "fixed" also
  6. really sorry mate but i must protect my work ...
  7. I have announcement to make and apologize to all of you Due to the latest situation in TDU modding community all my ongoing projects are frozen (don't know till when) and my apologies to all of you who waited for my mods to be released , 488 for example , but i'll inform some of you who i know well , you might get the mod and other mods to an email or pm, also all the links are removed for now from my mods threads ...
  8. Djey never made a car mod , hellooo is there anybody there ??? why would i talk about cars ???!! black screen ...that idk ...
  9. ok what do you want me to do read for you ? ask Djey for you , im telling you its an old bug , happens to everybody who is using 1.68 patch
  10. im playing this game like a decade and i know the bug ..,and Djey explains HERE Djey: TDU Community PATCH 2.00A - Page 36 | turboduck forum
  11. Just read the previous posts in this thread , Djey said its an old bug with 1.68 patch ...
  12. No body said anything against you mate , and for him (Sourkho) like Haiku said as long as he has people that are supporting him and the stealing going around he will keep destroying this community , people that dont care if the mod is stolen or not ... even some people are encouraging him to do that ... he's wining i guess if there is such thing like wining in this mess ...
  13. 2 cents or 3 , when you spend a lot of hours in zmodeler , 3ds max , creating your personal parts or spending an hours searching materials , the original used in the actual car or creating your own textures in PS it does matter ...
  14. well i dont blame the moderators , i just wanted him to show his true face in front of all the people on the forum but it is what it is ...
  15. he's not keeping the mods for him self he's selling them ...hope its clear now
  16. you know that all modders stoped releasing mods bcs of his BS right ?
  17. why did you ban him ? oh c'mon man , to the noob i made 9 public and more private .... real mods every single is better then all his mods
  18. It's not a first time actually , if you can run other mods fine (try that) , happened to a few people with Miha's mods like Veneno , 959 and i dont remember other ones ... 5 mins modders ahhhh
  19. Just click Settings/Installation directory and select the folder where your game is , done
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