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  1. Yes! the VPN did the trick, after 3 attempts i've managed to create an online account. Thanks for suggesting the VPN method, now I need to reconfig some bindings to use on my Xbox 360 controller... Anyway, thanks for the help.
  2. Even after doing that, and checking if the port was open and making the game .exe allowed in the firewall configs, if I try to go online, my game still gets stuck in the menus with that "Connecting to TDU Online Servers" message.
  3. Answering the question in order: 1: Yes, i'm using the Universal Launcher, since a lot of PC TDU2 recommend using it; 2: Strangely, no, I thought this bug would happen after installing the patches, but it never happened, mmm... 3: Hmm, never thought this game had one, i'll take a look, see if solves the issue. EDIT: Found the problem, I was missing a lot of files, like the wheel files, but also some cars, the ones I was missing was the BAC Mono and Nissan GTR R-34, i'm downloading to see if fixes all the issues. EDIT2: Reinstalled Unofficial patch from this site and it fixed everything, I guess the .exe file I had was glitched or something, thanks for your help! :)
  4. Hello there, Recently I bought on Steam Test Drive Unlimited 2, since I like free roaming racing games. Knowing that the PC port have serious issues, I downloaded the TDU2 Unpacker v0.4, Unofficial Patch v0.4 and the Serenity Car Pack V1.73, and installed them in this order. So far the game was running with no issues, until I entered some of the car dealers and I encountered this issue that is kinda annoying: Some cars of some dealerships have glitched rims, like those in the following Screenshots [ATTACH]29488[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]29489[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]29490[/ATTACH] I have no idea why this glitch occurs, and I searched everywhere, but with no sucess. I even searched videos of people using the Serenity car Pack 1.73, and those same cars the rims were normal, anyone have an idea on how I can solve this? Not that I want those cars(maybe the 300C and the Camaro), but part of me don't like to see a car beauty ruined like that :sad: Thank You
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