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  1. Hi, can't figure out how to change password on this site, and when asking to send e-mail to make new password, I get no e-mail..


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    2. Eudemon


      im not familiar with thunderbird, isn't it a just an email application, which is differ from email client (the backend that actually does email receive and deliver) might have blocked our ip

      i be resetting your password, just respond to my email

    3. Eudemon


      I see what the problem is, you registered account via sign in Facebook, in which you would be prompt to set a password but you never completed that (probably because our email got blocked by your email service provider), so your account has no password associate to it

      set and emailed you password, also you can directly login via facebook

    4. Oblibs


      Hi, The password you sent worked, I just changed it to my own password.


      Thanks for helping me on this.. 🙂

      BR Oblibs

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