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  1. I could show you show to do it if you want. Biggest problem is that, before it will work properly, all tires would need to be swapped. As you can see all tire sizes get corrupted apart from the one I replaced. I probably won’t touch it in the near future since I’m working on car mods as well.
  2. Good to hear TDU World is coming along nicely, though there isn't much to announce yet. We're currently doing a lot of research on how the multiplayer part of the game worked exactly. This is done so we better understand what the game needs to have a well working server. We're also making a modpack on the side, that's coming along nicely as well. We might give a sneak peek in the near future. I often post about the modpack progress in our Discord channel, you can join if you want: https://discord.gg/TX2QDB6
  3. Not sure what's causing that, I don't have any issues like that. If I have to take a guess, the textures might be corrupted. Try reinstalling the game, that's your best bet.
  4. To get the DLC content in the game, download and copy-paste this patch of the latest version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CSGTirP4BRwM9O1nBY1YJdk0qLCfQxTs/view The official update servers are down, so it has to be done manually. Install it on a stock game, that isn't unpacked or anything mod related. You can mod again after the update is installed.
  5. My guess is that the game does a size check before loading the files. As long as the size stays the same, it might work. If TDU for PS works the same as PC, car models (.3DG) can be opened with Zmodeler 2 through the import function.
  6. So the brand logo is missing from the dealership, is that what you are saying? It can really only be one thing, a corrupted texture... What version of AutoPack are you running? If it's 1.85, I would suggest removing it. It's flawed by bugs: cars are missing color options, some are using the wrong rims etc.
  7. I don't think it is possible to fix this, sadly. Editing savegames isn't a thing for TDU2 yet...
  8. Add me on Discord if you want, you can send me questions there. My name is Aquarious#9138 You can also PM me here if you want.
  9. If you want to learn TDU2 car modding, I can learn you if you want. Since you already know your way in Zmod it wouldn't be too hard. Like MagicV8 said, the TurboDuck YT has some great tutorials also.
  10. Hey, I see you did this fix through Zmodeler. There's this bug in Zmodeler where objects with bump maps get a weird shine on them when exporting with Zmodeler. You can see it on the steering wheel. Because I saw this, I was wondering, do you also do more in Zmodeler like making car mods?
  11. I assume you're using the Steam version? In your TDU2 directory, there's the steam_api.dll. The UL renames this file (I don't know why) to UL_steam_api.dll, and renames it back to steam_api.dll when the game is launched through the launcher. The error is caused because both files exist at the same time, remove one of them, and it should work again. Be sure to check if the Steam Overlay is still there when playing TDU2.
  12. Please upload images to the download itself as well. Right now the file shows up with no picture.
  13. Hi @dezvi, there are still functional Steam keys available on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Test-Drive-Unlimited-Online-Game/dp/B00KAFGA5O You might need to change your region to do the purchase.
  14. No worries @JagHond! Happy to help
  15. That's a weird issue @JagHondIt's most likely caused by your TDU2 installation. Hardware doesn't cause things like that. Are you running a legit version of the game and is it updated to the latest version (DLC2 v034)? I know plenty of people who use new RTX cards and don't have any issues. There is, however, one known issue, and that is that opening the map crashes the game. This can be fixed with this .dll (I will attach it to this post). It's called the Vulkan fix, copy it to your TDU2 directory and it should fix that map crashing issue (if you have it). d3d9.dll
  16. Hey lukamenna, just a tip. Maybe it's a good idea to post sample videos of the car sounds on the mod page. This way everyone can easily hear how they sound before downloading.
  17. Hey StarGT, could you update your link to use ShareMods instead of DepositFiles? DepositFiles has this 50kb/s download speed limit, with a file like this the download will take more than 4 hours to complete. I would also like to upload the most recent version to the download section of TD (using the ShareMods link). All original cars should still be available in the game with this pack. Be sure that you have unlocked all dealerships.
  18. It looks great, no bad mod at all!
  19. The colors I added to the cars all have the correct interior colors, if that is what you mean. I was thinking that re-adding the interior colors to the exterior colors, but I don’t think that will fix it.
  20. Hey binbow, I'm having some issues with my car mods when I changed the car slots they replaced. 1. I have made a Spyker C8 Preliator mod with working interior colors. This mod and its color options worked fine on the C8 Aileron slot (where I based the mod on), but the goal is to add this car next to the Aileron, so I have to use a different slot to realise this. Problem: the interior colors work and show up fine when I scroll through the options in the dealership, but whenever I go for a test drive with set color, the interior suddenly uses a whole different texture and color. (It lo
  21. Hi @Lunardo, I see you have done some research on the TDU2 sound engine, are you still active on this subject or TDU2 in general?
  22. Hey @MagicV8, Do you still have the sound pack from Modek and/or any other car sounds? I would love to have them for use in TDU World.
  23. Hello everyone, For my TDU World custom car mods, I'm looking for people who can create custom sounds for them. For now there is one mod that's done and that needs a sound for it. It's the 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. since there's no V12 sound quite like it I want to have a custom sound for it. If you know how to create sound mods and want to help our project, help would be greatly appreciated! Here's a sample of the DBS Superleggeras exhaust note:
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