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  1. Thanks for responding. It was a mistake in my part for not seeing one I had originally found. But may I ask you could bring back the Merielargo Roadster please. It was a favorite of mine from the original game. It's fine if not, I would just like more nostalgic cars I've never gotten to use. Keep up the good work though!
  2. Missing top model mission. I found "all" the top model missions and did them but one of which wasn't there. I googled all the spots and one of the 2 at the very top of the map isn't there, I don't know what to do.
  3. I never had it working to begin with. I also saw that someone said to delete a file, so I did and relaunched but it just wanted me to remake a profile. I did and again- can't go past loading screen.
  4. Whenever I load the game and continue game I get an abnormally long loading screen. All black and doesn't go further. Can I get some help with this..?
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