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  1. Oh thanks a lot @tasos007007, i've already seen these videos, and i've already changed some of the stock races, thanks to your FX.ini you've posted earlier. Thanks also for this github page, well done. Btw, i'm trying to solve a problem that i think originates from the db, but i'll keep that in mind.
  2. Thanks anyway, i see coming lots of hours of trial and error into my way. I wished i could rebalance the car groups to enjoy the races even with the kinda expert bots. But i have to find out by myself.
  3. Hi, recently i've been trying to move the Audi Sport quattro from G to E class using TDUF. After doing this i start a race without class restrictions using a g class car or another car that has a rarity below 1, and then the games crashes. For instance i've tried to move the Shelby 427 to D class, after setting the Audi Sport back to G class, and tried the same race as before, but in this case the game worked. The race i used as benchmark is "A little challenge" which spawns F and E class cars as bots, so i thought the problem was a bot using the Audi. After changing the car of the bot with the audi sport, i've tried once again the same race, thus resulting in another ctd. I don't have any idea of what is causing this problem and i'd apreciate so much if someone could give me some help..
  4. ...Ok forget my question, the value of Reward_Param_ in the Achivements profile is the one that causes a car to be locked, and if you put inside this box the Car ID from the Default tab in Vehicle Slots profile, tada, you have your prize car. Also the Cost set to 0 it's important. In the multiple prize car db, for each achievement that unlocks a car, the Reward_Param_ is set to 7000, thus unlocking the prize cars.
  5. I thought it was that, but i compared the normal platinum db with the one of the "Multiple Prize Cars" folder, on both they are set to 0, maybe i have to take a further look... btw thanks for the answer
  6. Thanks a lot @Milli for UCP and Platinum mods, they are both a really fantastic, i've really apreciated UCP when it comed out. Platinum is a project enhancing its predecessor and i truly love it, it left me astonished when i first loaded the database in tduf (btw @Djey your work with that is amazing, it's a beautiful program). How could you organize that massive ammount of cars each with its little detail without messing everyting up? I'm still scratching my head trying to figure it out... I can say with no doubt that Platinum is an open book for those willing to learn to mod tdu. And now some questions... How could you set up prize car? I've serched through the database but i haven't find anything. Maybe some part of the db that tduf doesn't show must be firstly uncrypted by tduut and the edited by ? Also can you tell me wich scenery files were replaced because i'm playing on a 10+ years old pc and compared to UCP i have severe fps losses, i'm shure that's not caused by car models because i've tested the same car on UCP. even though, i'm working on the original races, i saw what you've done and it really inspired me to do something similar, i'm making those longer and more remunerative. Maybe soon i'll make a new thread if it doesn't exist yet for posting and taking requests for new events. Also the limited amount of dealerships slots could be overcomed via 2 or more identical dbs, for example one with the car from A to L into the dealerships and the other with the rest. Hypotetically tdu can have a million of car entries and several dbs to be switched when you want a car not present in that dealership set. You've demonstrated that tdu can be very flexible and that something, not anything, can be achived with enough work. P.S. Long live the modders...
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