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  1. I cannot find Maserati Levante in the supposed dealer (Italian Cars East Ibiza), what to do?
  2. Ferrari LaFerrari FXX-K doesn't have proper rims. only the ones that look like 458 Italia's. which file to change? because I changed fxx_evoluzione_f_01.bnk but it changed FXX, despite the mention LaFerrari FXX-K replaces FXX Evo.
  3. let me help answering. this is strange. basically I downloaded fresh copy of TDU, and then the Platinum mod including the latest mod update, which is 1.21. I simply copy-pasted the update into the game folder, then launched from the game LAUNCHER (NOT the exe). I ticked big bnk, fx tweak on HD, Windowed, unlocked settings for windowed, and vroom. it shows up and works fine for me. please try to do the same. love the mod, especially Ferrari LaFerrari.
  4. So previously I asked about the mod to buy prize cars. Somehow I remembered about the update patch of this Platinum mod. I copy-pasted the db.bnk of multiple prize cars mod. That one works properly. Now I can complete my Ferrari in game.
  5. About the DB, I will try again soon. Thank you for the replies. EDIT: Can anyone inform their installation directory? Mine is in C, moved from Program Files x86.
  6. I have decided that this mod is much more fun than TDU 2. The cars are not too stiff like in TDU 2, there are a lot more as well, and we can switch car factory paints very easily. Wish we can switch car rims that easy as well, or I just haven't figured out how. In TDU 2 we change the rims by going to the proper tuner for the car, but there is no way to change the paint using factory colors. The races are fun, but AI seems to be extremely slow on corners. Even I can beat them using Charger Dragster once I figured out how to drive the stiff car effectively. The headlights cannot be turned on permanently, and most cars don't have their headlights turned on bright enough to light up the streets. When the headlights are on, some cars have the taillights on as well, some not. There is also no night, I guess (which is good, since I was really scared to go out there in night: no star, just complete black sky). Some cars are in weird places for their dealership. Audi R8 5.2 and 5.2+ in the same dealership with Mazda RX7 and RX8? I do not understand how that works, what's the logic behind the placement. But nvm. I also have tried to buy the prize cars twice, like McLaren Senna, Ferrari 250 Testarossa, Jaguar C-X75 Concept, Aston Martin Vulcan, etc using the provided DB mod but it doesn't work. It keeps saying I cannot buy prize cars twice, so I made a new profile and run the game from the beginning. Overall, this mod is not perfect but it is the best racing game mod. This is not a complain but a review on this massive mod. Keep up the mods, and kindly fix the bugs if there is any.
  7. update on my problem in installing TDU Platinum: turns out I needed to update DirectX, then no need to ask for d3dx9_43.dll. That particular dll was always conflicting with d3dx9.dll. I have everything in order, d3dx9.dll put in the main folder, and I am buying many many cars. Wish to see FXX-K, P1 GTR, and 918 RSR here.
  8. Where else to put the mod, if not where the game is. The Paradise Launcher is also there. Which one do you save? D3d9.dll or D3d9_43.dll?
  9. I'm not sure what else to fix. I have followed the whole tutorial and that was the result. I give up. I move to TDU2. Or maybe you can point out what I might forget.
  10. I have tried my best to follow everything, including installing TDU Platinum properly. Still, it shows as 1.66A in the loading screen, not 0.03 or something. Some cars show up, others don't, like Porsche 718 Boxster. I suspect it's performance issue?
  11. Missing here means the geometry of the car is completely invisible, but the car is detected. Most new Ferrari cars are invisible in the dealer, except Enzo. Some rental cars in the beginning are gone. I didn't have chance to note them one by one. Basically, the problem is there are some invisible cars, even though they are detected in the dealer. Cannot buy them, cannot test them. Despite the steps I followed on the readme to install Platinum mod, I still see version 1.66A or something like that, not 0.03. I don't know what's wrong. Big .bnk is enabled in Paradise launcher.
  12. Help! I am new and just played this mod. I found some cars are missing, even if I start a new game. I only copy-paste the mod to the TDU folder and applied the multiple prize cars patch.
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