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  1. froznkamui

    What is your all time favorite Anime

    3.33 yes indeed, i ended up watching it for like 4 times , since i kinda not really understand about what happened also i really like the wunder scene ~!
  2. froznkamui

    Any Good Horror Manga?

    Yeep, but it's better that HSoTD in my opinion, i love the background drawing that so detailed hahaha
  3. froznkamui

    Sword Art Online the game

    yeah, a translated one, but i guess its kinda impossible, according to the sales record lol oh, you understand how to translate psp game ? O_o
  4. froznkamui

    Sword Art Online the game

    can't agree more, welp some of the game from anime/LN-based are not really good, and SAO happened to be one of them :/ but looking at the record sales, i wonder if it can get any localization , considering the huge fanbase out there hahaha
  5. froznkamui

    Sword Art Online the game

    yep, I got bored easily since most of the quests kinda repetitive maybe it's a good idea if we dont have to use kirito but as a new player instead :D and start adventuring from 1st floor hahaha
  6. Kinda sleepy...

    1. Diablo


      I feel so sleepy at work or at school, too much work for me, I need rest ( `ー´)ノ

    2. froznkamui


      Sleep at school or at work, profit :D

  7. froznkamui

    What is your all time favorite Anime

    Evangelion still my best hahaha, or maybe Toradora
  8. froznkamui

    Last Started / Finished Anime

    I haven't watch anime lately, mostly because my IRL work hahaha I keep my anime updated but can't manage the time to watch it, though right now I have to collect those anime again since my HDD just dead a month ago LOL.
  9. froznkamui

    Any Good Horror Manga?

    try I am a Hero, it's not a supernatural horror more like zombie-esque horror, it's a good manga and have good story so far ;)
  10. froznkamui

    Sword Art Online the game

    I played it a few months ago but the game is kinda .. slow paced ? I don't know , it's just you can't move freely and lot of glitches like, you moved far away but the monster still can hit you there one but that very noticeable, when you go on mission with Silica, i think the mission was to let Silica kill some bees (?) , but if you killed them all, you will got stuck and can't go anywhere. I asked my friend, the mission was doing perfectly for him. So I had to restart the game :(
  11. froznkamui

    We have moved to a new server

    It fast enough for me ,good job ~! ;)