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  1. https://twitter.com/cnunezimages/status/1543024388223770624?s=20&t=NjQrSe8VyZLfFW0aYKhL4A Where can i find the tool featured in the video?
  2. What i would like to mod its the Enzo's FXX variant, make it as powerful as Gemballa's number 2 tuning kit.
  3. So could it be possible to add the Gemballa 1170hp engine power mod to the Ferrari FXX ? Want the handling and braking of the FXX with the power of the Gemballa Kit number 2, the 1170hp one.
  4. @tasos007007 its working thanks a lot. also one question, in terms of physics or car handling realism how does TDU compare to say, Assetto Corsa or Project Cars? been wanting a street racing game with realistic driving physics, A game like Driver would be nice with Realistic physics.
  5. @iFabzi dont know. i would need to take a look some Logs ? im clueless about modding this game. if i run the Version of the circuit that comes with the mod, it works just fine. but it seems the Mod doesnt like the Vanilla track, which is the one i actually like and have put many hours of practice into. Nothing i could do about it ? and i actually would be ok, if i could just do away with the bots. they are irrelevant once i start racing, i just leave them behind quite fast. i just do that track for record setting purposes. that race should be Class A only cars.
  6. Is it possible to have the vanilla Tour of the island circuit restored in TDU Platinum? i like that version of the circuit better.
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