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  1. It was the compatability settings windows had applied to the exe for me. I took off the run for win xp and now it launches. Thank you. btw it did install just fine over 1.66a patch
  2. unfortunately that did not change anything, same issue. After copying platinum mod files the game won't launch from the project paradise launcher. just a quick black screen then crash, windowed or otherwise.
  3. Hello, I am having an issue with platinum mod 1. install TDU and patch to 1.66a , runs perfect, workin 2.Install patch 2.00a, still runs perfect, workin 3. copy over platinum patch 1.00 files, launch with Project paradise included, check big BNK, launches to a black screen for 1 second then crash to desktop, same thing if i update to 1.21 platinum
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