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  1. This not AMD dGPU's vault... I'm actually play using 1080ti, so @thevisitor? Not match... My specs: Ryzen 7 3800X 32GB [email protected] 1080Ti OS and Game on separate SSD NVME Drives.
  2. Hi Everyone I have problem with the newest version v1.2.1 Platinum Mod for TDU1. I'm new here so please, be kind to me First problem is random huge fps drop in random moments.... Sometimes 10 minutes after start playing, sometimes 1 hours after... I have fresh start of campaign, I have only one, begin car - Fiat 20V Coupe, and done aprox. 10 races Second problem is freeze game renderer after minimize. By me or after windows pop-up, no matters. When game minimize, I can hear game still playing, Pause still give sounds of switching tabs, but Windows is solid black. I can't find any thread or solution similar to my problem to mod version 1.2.1, so I ask here. I will be grateful for all tips or/and solutions. Best Regards JacobJakub PS. If any of devteam Platinum mod will be reading this thread. Thank you for all of your work, this mod is the best comunity artwork to loved game which I ever seen.
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