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  1. Faustylan, my dear.... Why you even thought, I'm not grateful for all this TITANIC work about Platinum Mod? I said it 2 times already. I am very thankful for all. TDU1 was my childhood game. In 2007 I done this title on Windows VISTA OS. That were crazy time. I wrote my upward sentence in hope, when any of devs will have time and resource to progress quality of mod, I was only give my propose. Sign my discover after complete and check all game and mod. No offense You have absolutely right. I'm reporting this, becuase I don't remember any issue of this time from my first playthrough. But right, 2007, Windows Vista, everything fit If anytime in future, TDU P 2.0 will appear, this will be epic age event. I'll be here in this case. But Now, I'm done my journey. Thank for your answer. Wish you very good 2023y. See you later
  2. Ok, after complete All Class Races in game I have a few observation about my issues and a whole mod. 1# Problem, random fps drop. That was cause by Fiat Coupe 20V. My First F-class Car. I bought Toyota Celica, sell Fiat, and problem never come back. Profit. #2 Problem. Game renderer randoms freeze in still black after minimize-maximize. At the start of my journey, every popup or minimize try was equal with close game compulsion. But when I activate V-Sync in mod-menu, before main game start, problem not dissapear, but show up more rare than often. 60% times I can hide, and go back to game without Black screen. Othertimes, you know, ALT-F4 and fast restart. Everything was fine, I end game with mod after so many years, with proper G29 Wheel, that was very good Experience. Thanks devs for all of your work. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.................... While my gameplay I made some "Car Database" to help me quick compare all cars and choose proper and most profitable car in each class. Everything was fine until D-Class. Quick look on most powerfull and profitable units and we have: Ford Mustang GT Premium Fastback D Chevrolet Corvette C4 Grand Sport D Dodge Challenger SRT8 D Ford Mustang Boss 302 D And everything will be fine, but Ford Mustang GT Premium Fastback don't speed up to 360km/h!! Corvette C4 GS =/= 416km/h!!! Dodge Challenger SRT8 =/=360!!!! Who input these data to Sell Cards? This is total bullshit, which mislead so much! Especially for me, guy who don't know much about Motorization, and can trust these data and think that Mustang Boss 302 truely goes 360km per hour! And don't know what happened during development this mod, but somebody totaly screw up Data List/Specification Sheet and Cars Score, especially on all US cars and on Aston Martin and MCLaren.... Mclaren Senna goes 444km/h xDDDDDD hahahahah, that was good joke. I won this car today and it goes weakly 320km/h, and slow down on 7th gear x.x I don't know what is wrong with some cars, in-game performance, or Data presentation in dealers..... If you want to do anything with this mod, please, fix this problem, to make game+mod more clear and work well. PS.I attach my TDU Car Database Sheet. If you don't believe me, please look at this by yourself. TDU Car Database.xlsx
  3. This not AMD dGPU's vault... I'm actually play using 1080ti, so @thevisitor? Not match... My specs: Ryzen 7 3800X 32GB 3600@CL16 1080Ti OS and Game on separate SSD NVME Drives.
  4. Hi Everyone I have problem with the newest version v1.2.1 Platinum Mod for TDU1. I'm new here so please, be kind to me First problem is random huge fps drop in random moments.... Sometimes 10 minutes after start playing, sometimes 1 hours after... I have fresh start of campaign, I have only one, begin car - Fiat 20V Coupe, and done aprox. 10 races Second problem is freeze game renderer after minimize. By me or after windows pop-up, no matters. When game minimize, I can hear game still playing, Pause still give sounds of switching tabs, but Windows is solid black. I can't find any thread or solution similar to my problem to mod version 1.2.1, so I ask here. I will be grateful for all tips or/and solutions. Best Regards JacobJakub PS. If any of devteam Platinum mod will be reading this thread. Thank you for all of your work, this mod is the best comunity artwork to loved game which I ever seen.
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