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  1. Scroll down to the mod's F.A.Q. section and read: https://turboduck.net/forums/topic/35843-released-test-drive-unlimited-platinum-v121/?_rid=35975 In short: game's technical limitations; the game was not designed to be modded. Hacks and tricks had to be used. Also, there's only one dev of this mod, Milli, and she ain't a super hacker and she does this on her very little spare time. Be grateful that Platinum mod even exists in the first place. Game is old, from 2007, and runs with compatibility issues on newer versions of Windows. This is one of those games which loves to freeze-crash when minimized. There's nothing you can do about it except get a separate machine with Windows XP. Microsoft will continue designing modern versions of Windows to not support old software. Cars in v1.21 have not been verified for stability or compatibility at all. Many have graphical errors which cause memory leaks, other performance issues and may even crash the game. Maybe will be fixed in TDUP v2.0.
  2. From my own experience "fx tweak" should never be touched at all as it will permanently break the visuals.
  3. It could be just anything: https://www.technewstoday.com/pc-randomly-turns-off/#what-causes-a-pc-to-turn-off-randomly I've never had such an issue. Only rare BSODs. If your PC simply powers off, then you may have some sort of hardware issue. Have you overclocked anything? Is your PSU actually capable of providing the watts? Is your mobo capable of handling the power? So many variables need figuring out...
  4. Questions: Will applying Hawaiian Bliss v4.0 mod on top of v1.21 ruin the fixes of v.1.21? Or maybe I should apply HB on top of v1.0 and then apply the v1.21 update? Or is HB mod obsolete in case of v1.21 and should not be used?
  5. I knew the progress is slow, but I didn't know she got herself a computer. Good to read she's back in action. Btw, can you do a little test? Unless you've done so before. Start the game with Paradise Launcher, enable Vsync, Big .bnk and Offline, but in game, under VIDEO, set REFRESH RATE to 60 Hz. And then try doing that race again. I want to know if setting 60 Hz helps.
  6. I wonder if anybody else could finish Milli's work on Platinum v2? Milli, can you even access your WIP files? I don't know how your laptop died.
  7. Dear @Milli, how's the progress on 2.0? Have you given up on it yet? I once read you mentioning it and I'm still eager to try it out when it is ready. Should I keep waiting for it, fingers crossed, or just stick with 1.12?
  8. Did you check the race parameters? Do the races mention heavy traffic? If yes, then that's normal.
  9. Does that affect 0-60? Because Kawasaki Z1000's 0-60 is what makes it win. Max speed wise I assume this model would lose in a straight road race.
  10. I have TDU Platinum installed. I bought a mB which performance numbers looked great. I tried my very first mB race with it. Failed, got 3rd. Thought maybe my bike is rigged. Tried second time with another bike which numbers are just slightly lower. Failed again. I took a closer look at winner's bike: all times it was Kawasaki Z1000. So I bought that same model to myself. And finally won the race. That bike doesn't have great numbers, but why the hell is it the most agile of all mBs? What numbers do I have to pay attention to, to make sure my vehicle is the best? Or is it because TDU Platinum added vehicles don't display numbers correctly?
  11. Oh, that's why it always reminded me of the moon. And I always wondered when will I see the pretty scene just like in HB's screenshots. But, I can swear I never edited any of the files. Maybe I downloaded some obsolete crap? Well thanks @kristiannn I downloaded and reinstalled everything from the beginning and now I have correct sun flare and the sky is beautiful too.
  12. Does anyone know how to remove the giant yellowish pixel blob that covers your view when supposedly sun is in your view? It's very annoying. If your monitor is capable of over 60Hz, then in game, under video settings, you also need to set refresh rate accordingly. Vsync in PPL doesn't do it for you.
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