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  1. HavockJoker

    Gumball 3000 2010 pics by Z06dude,MB,etc.

    Its ending in New York. I didn't even know the Gumball was this early. I live in New Jersey. If I didn't have school I would go to see the finish. I might skip tomorrow and drive in with a friend to take pics.
  2. HavockJoker

    All-Time Favourite Aircraft

    SR-71 Blackbird & Concorde
  3. HavockJoker

    Post your desktop!

    Mine. Funny from Pulp Fiction.
  4. HavockJoker

    Gran Turismo 5 vs. Forza Motorsport 3

    I agreed with Tool831 100%. There are goods and bads and for me they even themselves out.
  5. HavockJoker

    What are you listening to?

    For those Drum and Bass fans.
  6. HavockJoker

    What are you running?

    Just to give a Basis i7 920 @ 3.8Ghz Rest: <<<<<<<
  7. HavockJoker

    So, what did everyone get for Christmas?

    So far I got this: 2x Asus 23.6" HDMI LCD's and a Wacom Intuos 4 Pen tablet http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r222/Drknss803/xmaspresents.jpg
  8. HavockJoker

    Gemballa 'Enzo'????

    Its not very nice looking. A bit ghastly.
  9. HavockJoker

    Post your desktop!

    This is off my two new 23.6" Asus HD LCD's:thumbsup: http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r222/Drknss803/xmaspresents.jpg
  10. Biblical sound. I want to see a fly-by.
  11. HavockJoker

    Dacia Sandero? Yes/No

    Totally. Its the greatest car in the world.
  12. HavockJoker

    Best Driving Experience.

    Mine is driving my uncles Active Supercharged 500HP E46 M3 on Jamaica's new highways. He has the fastest M3 on the island. He let me take it up to 190km/h (about 120mph). It was so exhilarating, since the highways are new and are toll roads their are not a lot of people who use it. So its pretty much empty all the time.
  13. HavockJoker

    MadMax's Signatures

    I've changed it up. But never got a chance to upload it. Been too busy.
  14. HavockJoker

    Need for Speed Shift :: Photos

    My favorite cars:
  15. HavockJoker

    MadMax's Signatures

    Go for it. Its yours now.