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  1. There's a very good chance I'll be picking one of these in a few months. My bike is too small for me and I need to upgrade. So a 2015 Harley Davidson street bob is the next bike ill be buying. And in the very far future Ill be getting a Harley Street Gilde.
  2. Thanks guys, I also really like the black grill made a world of difference. I took the black off the wheels because it came off when I was mounting the winter tires on the wheels so I peeled it off. And It doesn't look like a baby mustang, the mustang look like a baby fusion lol. Fusion came first. but i'm really enjoying it. I installed an electronic boost controller, so now it has 5 PSI extra, and around 300HP. The bike is also pretty good, a little small and a little slow but its a good starter for my first bike. In the next year or so Ill be buying a Harley. either a Street Bob or a Street Glide. But that bike is freakin loud with the new exhaust. Unfortunately I dont have a GoPro or an action cam. But maybe in the future.
  3. Haven't posted on here since I had my truck. Figured I'd finally show you guys the new car I bought like a year ago. its a 2014 Ford Fusion SE with a 2.0L ecoboost ( Focus ST engine) and All-wheel Drive. The first week I had it. Added Tint all round, and Vent Visors. Then I added 6000K HID's to get rid of the terrible stock ones, and LED running Lamps, I also plasti-dipped the grill and wheels. Then I went and got myself something I've been wanting since I was 5. A motorcycle. 2015 Honda shadow Phantom 750 Before it even left the dealer I got them to install a set of Vance and Hines Short shots. Could have done it myself but they did it for free so meh. Its been a pretty good year.
  4. TUUURRRBOOO! its finally happening :D:D:D:D
  5. Had to bump this tread because I have news. In the form of an 8.2L Chevy V8. Yes that's 502 cubic inches of big ol motor. One of the guys in my class for college has a 502 block with pistons, and crank etc. all it needs is Cam, and Heads. and for its only $500. (its so cheap because nobody needs that much engine, But I do) The best part is its already machined 0.030" over so its now about 540 cubic inches. Im either going to put it in my project truck, and make a drag truck out of it, or im going to sell the truck, and buy a foxbody mustang, and make a sleeper drag car. Edit: Just did the math to get engine displacement, and with the bore its 552 cubic inches (9L) God dang.
  6. Finally got around to detailing the truck, And it was actually a nice evening so I did a tiny Photo shoot with My truck, and Dad's Trans Am I forgot to show everyone. *Warning Cell phone quality photos ahead, Proceed at own risk* Future plans for the Truck are to get a set of 305/65/R18 tires, and if I don't get a new mustang,, I'll probably supercharge it at some point. Future plans for the Fire Chicken are new exhaust, SLP Intake, and a couple little things its Dad's daily (very mild build,) since Mom drives the other truck.
  7. Finally posted pics of my truck after I got the Wheels for it. Also I think I win that Fuel economy thing you guys had. I get 29L/100km. That's 8MPG. It sucks. Only one photo because its the only one I have of it clean. Damn muddy Canadian summers 126 by Jacob.Hamilton, on Flickr
  8. What engine are you putting in it? Something big, and pissed off I hope haha. Or go with the original 327/289? I saw on the last page your going with rear drum brakes, are you doing disc's up front? All the black trim looks AWESOME! Looks way better then the chrome. Been watching this thread since the start, Its a awesome project. Hope it comes out exactly how you want it :thumbsup:
  9. Ill probably be buying a new set of wheels for the truck narrowed it down to two. Maybe you can help me decide. Moto Metal MO962 18x9 Or Fuel Hostages 18x9 Those are 20's but you get the idea.
  10. That's because they are lol. There 16 inch wheels on 33 inch tall tires, They look a lot better in person. Also having more tire than rim is better off road because it acts as a cushion. I might get a set of 18's for looks, but I also might be buying a new truck soon, so I might just save the money.
  11. My god its been 7 years. I remember 7 years ago, I was 12. I found Diablos old TDU videos on YouTube, and watched them over, and over until I could buy an Xbox, and TDU. I found this community, and knew this was the place for me. I grew up through all of my teenage years here, Like a lot of the Long term guys have already said there were good times, really bad times, friendships, and arguments. Then life takes its course, and we start drifting away... For awhile anyway. We all end up back here with the same awesome folks with same awesome shenanigans. Here's to 7 more years.
  12. Its an awesome box. I use the top as a work bench, and the drawers are 30 inch's deep so there's tons of room. Its a BIG investment but I'm using it to build my credit. Also put my HID's, and taillights a few weeks ago, along with my new black third brake light, and 4x4 decals.
  13. Brand new Snap on tool box! 001 by Jacob.Hamilton, on Flickr I am a happy man, there's so much room in this on compared to my old one.
  14. My truck just ticked over 340500Km. Cars are easy to keep running with proper maintenance :thumbsup:
  15. Ordered a couple things for the truck. Black led taillights to replace my super faded tinted lights. And a 6000K HI/LO HID kit Will get before and after photos of both when they come in on monday
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