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  1. Shooting in Cali Grand Canyon Me and my friend in front of the bellagio
  2. I love how central sports are in American society, and of course the cheerleaders.... A friend of mine is at the university of florida and is on the gymnastics team so when i went to see her she showed me around and i couldn't believe that the college football stadium holds 90,000 people! it was massive!
  3. I wasnt really into american football until i went to America and went to a game! now i love it and will definately be watching the superbowl!
  4. An Aston Martin, of some sort.... or a Ferrari.... or Zonda..... Yeh thats it..... or errrrrrrrr...
  5. Thanks for the warm re-welcome! hopefully i'll be around for a while! back on my xbox but a bit rusty as i havent played it much (was on my road trip October-Jan) so ive only been back a few weeks and havent played forza yet but if anyones up for a game my GT is Asgardeh.
  6. At the Lake Tahoe pier thing At the top of the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas with all the casinos behind me
  7. You cant see it in this picture but yeh, it had some airbrushing on the hood. Pretty hideously awesome, was parked on the meter aswell! Cough.. Showoff.. cough! We got Valet parking, obviously :P
  8. A few from my iPhone from my road trip around America
  9. Ed Sheeran is doing big things in 2011. He was on Radio 1 today helping Devlin with his live lounge.... which was one of the best ive heard actually.
  10. Kinda stopped playing TDU a year and a half ago then eventually stopped appearing on here, but TDU2 is due soon so i have returned. So, Hello... again!
  11. Longest curly fry ever? i think so?
  12. GTA + James bond love child i reckon. i played through the first one and really enjoyed it. will rent number 2 i think as i didnt find it majorly replayable!
  13. Bashy - Kidulthood 2 Adulthood His album "Catch me if you can" is actually sick, one of the freshest albums ive heard in a while!
  14. Skepta - Listen Up Big tune Been really grimey since i got back from magaluf! buzzing off it again!
  15. hahah that was a good one! Erm its tough, Megan fox is up there, oh my days she is unreal! Eva Longoria is also super hot! Theres too many that id love to link but never will :(
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