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  1. Once again it's been awhile. Growing up means having less time to do things I'm afraid. Since the last time, I blew up the 4age in the 86 and had to park it for awhile. I finally decided on doing an engine swap, and I was originally going to run a 4age 20V with ITBs, but for the same money and more power, I decided to go with a 3sge Beams instead. Swaps currently getting done at a local shop and should be done very soon. To say I'm excited is an understatement. Should be somewhere in the area of 210 crank horsepower and weigh in around 950 kgs. Extremely candid shot a Corolla friend of mine got when my car died. Apparently the yellow 240sx is Tanner Foust's old Formula Drift car from back in the day.
  2. Seems like I go through cars a lot these days lol. I no longer have the Mustang as I was having problems with things like the A/C, radiator hoses and a lot of other things that were getting annoying. So I decided it was time for something a little more practical. I searched for a long time before I found this mint Mk7 Golf GTI. 16k miles and all stock. Meanwhile in 86 news, I got my new Corbeau seat installed, then we had a long spell of rain here in Southern California for 2 months that meant it had to stay parked. Then when I went to start it it had a fuel leak so took some time and finally after months the 86 is back and healthyish. The timing is off at the moment so I need to go in and check it out when I have time.
  3. They're RTR Tech Mesh wheels. 19x9.5 with +33 offset and 19x10.5 with +45
  4. As soon as my new seat comes in I can do that. It's hard to drive since the seats stuck super close to the wheel right now.
  5. So here it is, my 1985 Toyota Corolla GTS. Its got a few JDM goodies such as SSR wheels, Bride seats, a Crystal Body Yokohama front bumper and plenty more. It's in excellent shape and is roadworthy as is. Just a matter of fixing up some little nitpicky things and it will be perfect.
  6. Thanks everyone! I've put the suspension mods for the Mustang on hold as it looks like I'm buying my friends AE86 in the next week or so, which is rather exciting. I'll make sure to get some photos once I've officially got the car. For now heres a sound clip my friend took not to long ago.
  7. It's been quite a long time since I've been on here, and since then I've traded my beloved FRS for something a bit more... beefy. So here it is, my 2013 Ford Mustang GT/CS So yes, it is the 5.0 coyote motor which means its good for 420 hp. The California Special package adds a front lip, different grille larger spoiler, different rear valance and leather and suede seats inside. All thats done to it right now is an exhaust and staggered wheels with 19x9.5 up front and 19x10.5 in the rear and a 305 tire in the rear.
  8. These might not be unheard in other racing games, but within the Forza universe they could add 24 hour day/night cycle, new body mods and not the same things they've had since 2005, actual dynamic weather, the list goes on and on. I hadn't played any Forza games since FM4 so when I finally got an XB1 a few months ago, I was really disappointed with the fact that other than a couple new cars, and a couple tracks with rain, there was no difference between the two.
  9. Pretty stupid from both points of view. I'll probably hold off on FM6.5 unless somehow someway they pull something out thats never been done before (which they won't)
  10. Dude these are insane man. I wish I could come close to some of these shots.
  11. So as of now I'm dailying my FRS and with the new coilovers, exhaust and the tiny back seats it's starting to not look nearly as practical as I first thought, so I may need to look into a second car. It'll be a Subaru and I've got a couple options in my head. Option 1: I can either buy a new base WRX off the dealer lot. Upside is warranty and being the first owner no need to worry about any sketchy maintenance records. Also having bluetooth and all the modern conveniences that I'm now used to is nice as well. Downside is cost, monthly payment would be way high. Option 2: Look for an older WRX or STI with a clean title. Main upside is cost, but that Subie rumble is nice too. Downside is condition, mechanical gremlins might be more prevalent, more rattles and I'd have to switch out the radio as soon as I get it. It's a tough choice as I do like the new bodystyle but I don't wanna make myself totally broke just to get it, but getting an 04-07 STI would be awesome as well.
  12. It's been absolute Eons since I updated this (I blame work and adulting for that) but seeing where I left off seems like an eternity ago. Since the last update it's been probably 30k miles and lots of changes. First off was the Carsmo lip spoiler which really added to the rear end of the car. Then I bought a set of Toms tail lights for $140 and finally the biggest change has to the the Powered by Max coilovers I bought. Never installed those lowering springs as it would turn out, decided the adjustability was worth it in the long run. Next up on the list is a brake upgrade since my stock brakes are starting to feel worse and worse by the day, as well as a set of rear lower control arms so I have full camber adjustment front and rear. Once all thats done I'll focus on a new wheel set up and probably some kind of cheap front lip. Here's the first shot with the new spoiler on the car. Circa April 2016 [ATTACH]29575[/ATTACH] And here's a shot with the new tail lights. [ATTACH]29576[/ATTACH] And here they are lit up [ATTACH]29577[/ATTACH] And here she sits now with the coilovers and all the mods up to this point. A couple shots from 86fest here in SoCal a couple weekends ago [ATTACH]29578[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]29579[/ATTACH]
  13. A little throwback to my FRS before the new wheels and some of my Subaru friends before a canyon run.
  14. Thanks, I got Eibach springs waiting to be installed to get rid of the the wheel gap, just to lazy to do so at the moment.
  15. Thanks! And he called the cops several times on my older brother in the past so I'm trying not to go down that path lol. But yeah the car overall does sound amazing and what you can't hear over video is the cracks and pops it makes when you let off the gas. I wanna go unequal length headers in the future to get the complete Subaru rumble, but I'm afraid if I go catless header the car will be way to loud.
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