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  1. So I'm 16 now and I've been able to drive for two months.. This is my list so far. I'm even counting them lol. 1. Lexus IS 200 '01 - Drove this when i was 13, dad's previous Lexus. 2. Ford Fiesta '10 3. Ford Ranger Wildtrack '08 - Dad's previous firm car, looked great with 22" chromes. 4. Ford Escort XR3I Cabriolet '88 - Dad's summer car.. 5. Toyota Land Cruiser '11 6. Lexus IS 220d '09 - Awesome car with 200hp, quick, comfortable, and very sporty.. Dad's current Lexus 7. Alfa Romeo MiTo '10 8. Ford Galaxy '11 - 200hp! Very fast :D Dad's firm car.. 9. Toyota Hilux '09 10. Mitsubishi Outlander '11 11. Ssangyong Rexton RX270 '11 12. Ssangyong Rexton RX270 '12 13. Toyota Hilux '12 14. Mazda 323F '99 15. Ford Escort XR3I Cabriolet '91 - My brother's car. Looks great and has loads of bass thanks to 12" 16. Mazda 2 '12 - Grandma's new car :) 17. BMW 530 '07 - 263 HP. Great acceleration, turns like a go cart.. Testet it to 120 on a mountain.. My brother and i testet it 0-180.. It didnt take long (: 18. Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7 '06 - Mom's car, not bad actually. 19. Land Rover Range Rover '06 - 3.0 diesel, awesome and huge car.. For some reason it said La all over.. Lolwut, u mad new iPad?
  2. And3rs

    Turn your iPod on lol
  3. And3rs

    Lol awesome xD Thanks bro!! :)
  4. Got myself a 2,5 GHz 8gb ram Mac mini :) Using it as a HTPC and it works great! http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/59739f1c.jpg
  5. And3rs

    Turn your damn iPod on btw, i told you to leave it on -.-
  6. And3rs

    Youre still at this forum? (: lol
  7. I'm pretty sure that's a Maisto SLR. Gotta love XTZ :)
  8. Got myself a Mac Mini 2,5 GHz and installed 8Gb ram :) Its just Gorgeous.. Love it!
  9. And3rs

    Come on, do it!!!!!
  10. And3rs

    My small home cinema Razzi: Photo Sharing Trollolol make an account and like my photo : )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  11. And3rs

    Turn on your iPod ffs! You made my iphone send you a mms, fu
  12. Haha, stupid neighbours ey.. Diesel is acceptable though. :) Thank you very much :)
  13. Thank you! :) Yeah I have a XTZ 99 W12.16. With the Samsung 46" D8005 3d tv this ain't no bad setup :lol:
  14. Well yeah I'm 15 so I only have one room. I just made the half of it some kind of home cinema.
  15. Sold my Dali Concept 1 for more than i bought them for, and got these Dali Zensor 1 instead, because they have better sound and are in the same series as my fronts + centre speaker :) I use them as surround speakers. Could have had 7.1, my receiver can do that, but my room cant.. Anyway these are really awesome, great upgrade. http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/IMG_1392.jpg On top of Zensor 7. :) http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/IMG_1389.jpg
  16. Wow, i really love the angle and placement of that, and the round-ness is 100% perfect. I'm impressed bro, that's a really nice sattelite dish! :)
  17. I was thinking about posting a herp derp post with a supercar that I've seen in the middle, but I'm sorry, I can't, I've never in my life seen a Superleggera :duck:
  18. No 4S pictures yet ey? I could post a black 4S 64gb box but I'm not gonna bother : )
  19. This was at my school. Whats with the upload, never seen it that high..
  20. Why is Koenigsegg in Forza but not Gran Turismo?
  21. Baconstrips& Baconstrips& Baconstrips& Baconstrips& Baconstrips.
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