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  1. Very cool, thank you. Any chance of getting the F355 Challenge wheels for it?
  2. Nope, I have quite a lot of disdain for that site and won't venture there out of principle. If you do find my shots on there please let me know because I certainly didn't put them there. ---------- Post added at 11:29 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:25 AM ---------- Amen! My friend's brother-in-law who had the car in Germany used to track the TR at the vintage Ferrari events they hold in Europe, though he is an amateur racecar driver. The TR has too much power to weight to ever get me into one on the track and I think it's the same for my friend. That said he is thinking about selling the 375 and buying a 275 GTB/4 for track use, that'd be one helluva track car.
  3. Thanks, I've got a pretty good overview of my portfolio on my website: Chris Schlumpf Photography
  4. Thanks, it was a truly incredible day. Unfortunately my friend is quite busy and the cars need to go in for service over the summer so it'll be some time before I get to do a proper photoshoot with them.
  5. Alright this one has bugged me to death since TDU came out and I'm hoping one of you talented people can help me fix it. For some reason the top of the windshield on the spider is interior color, when it should be black. http://www.red-travel.com/uk/ferrari-wallpaper-poster-picture-video/imcom/1024x768/red_travel_073.jpg http://www.flickr.com/photos/maranelloboy05/7215761598/in/photostream See the difference? Is there a way to modify the car model to change the top to black? I do realize this is pretty insignificant, but it's really bugged me and if it's easy to fix I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  6. This wasn't a chance encounter or anything, but I thought you all might enjoy it. Met up with a friend of mine to go to a local Ferrari meetup for some lunch. We took his 1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa!!!! :D It's an original car, one of 20 and is just spectacular. One sold at Monterey last year for over $16,000,000. During lunch we noticed some clouds rolling in and within a few minutes it was pouring. We hoped in the car and started it up and it stalled, and then it did it again and we finally got it onto the road and it stalled again. Some moron not paying attention almost hit us in his minivan. Forgot the fuel pump *facepalm* So we get it started and start heading back to the garage in pouring down rain, with no roof and my head is about a foot over the windshield. The ride will certainly be one I don't forget. Once we got it back inside we wiped it down and got all the water off it and all was well, no issues at all. It was a racecar so I'm sure it's seen worse than some rain. It just goes to show how silly some people are about not driving their exotics in the rain, if this can be driven in a downpour I think your 308 will survive a few sprinkles. The silver car is a very rare Ferrari 365 GTS, another one of 20. Not to be confused with the 330 GTS the 365 GTS is worth north of $1m. The white car is a 1953 375 MM, worth around $4-8m, possibly up to $10m. One with a spotty history and possibly not a complete car did not sell at a high bid of $3.755m at Monaco earlier in the week, this one is all original with racing history. It's probably the best example of a 375 MM out there. Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa by Chris Schlumpf Photography, on Flickr Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa by Chris Schlumpf Photography, on Flickr Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa by Chris Schlumpf Photography, on Flickr Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, 375 MM and 250 Lusso by Chris Schlumpf Photography, on Flickr
  7. Thanks, I really wish this would have been one of those "Games for Windows" where everything is mapped correctly, but I guess it was before that came out.
  8. Is there a way to completely map the X360 controller to TDU so that you don't need a mouse and keyboard? I'd like to just run an HDMI cable to my TV and play on the couch, but I can't quite get the mapping correct. Has anyone done this?
  9. Gorgeous, now how about that tutorial? :D
  10. Awesome! Dying for a tutorial on car color changes.
  11. Do you think it's possible to have a tool do this? Looking at the Tricolore screens it looks like it might be possible to do the original Veyron is custom two tone colors, ie black and blue etc.
  12. That would be fantastic. I've spent quite a bit of time around the real blue carbon super sport and have really come to love it, would kill to drive around in TDU with it. Thanks
  13. Thank you, thank you thank you. Is there anyway to make the chrome, less chrome, it's super reflective of the sky? Also, you should do these wheels for the blue carbon version, I'd kill for an exact replica of that car if you could do it. http://www.automotorblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Veyron-Super-Sport-Blue-Carbon-2.jpg
  14. Fantastic work! Any chance on giving away the secret to the dual paint jobs, I'd love to do some custom two tone Veyrons.
  15. One thing this will especially useful for is the R8 Spyder. While playing around with swapping cars on the X360 version I found that there were multiple interior options for the R8, but it was very hard to do it that way and this will make it much easier. Great work.
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