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  1. This is great news! Too bad the Maserati we are getting is not the MC Stradale, but still a nice pack all in all.
  2. Are you the only TDU2 player left? :P Some more PC2. Been testing the LMP2 car for the championship. So far, I suck. And some 720S goodness
  3. Anything after GT: Sport will look bad, anyways, here are some pCARS2 pics.
  4. Steam sales + cheaper prices in Argentine Pesos, of course it was a great deal. Paid 70USD for all 3 of them.
  5. Thanks Diablo! They way the environment and lighting conditions change as you scroll down was totally unintended :D
  6. Well, it seems I've never seen the 300SL. I've just updated my FM7 thread
  7. Ugghh there's no way I can get near that mark. I lowered 1.6 seconds of my best time and still I'm like 7secs off... I keep cooking the front left tyre, also I find the nismo to be super understeer-ey.
  8. Thanks Diablo! It's a great pack indeed. The Giulia is clearly my favourite, but I was also expecting it for some time, so maybe I'm biased. The 935 Moby lalalala is a killer whale (Pun intended. It is as well in AC) but haven't driven it quite enough yet. The 124 Abarth is not a big deal, but should be fun enough with a swap or a couple of mods. Haven't tried the Maser 250F and haven't bothered to get the trucks...
  9. Of course those Chirons won't broke, they'll be sitting at a controlled temperature garage most of their lifespan. Btw, if a car is a development mule I think it's quite expected to be unreliable, I guess it was cheaper to buy too. I'm not saying Koenigseggs are better than Bugattis, but to me these are more "in your face" cars than Bugattis, that became very fast luxury boats :P (Which is a feat itself too). On an engineering side, cars are getting to power levels that were unthinkable of some decades ago. Also, this car got up to Mach 0.36, when this happens you must consider the air compression as a factor when designing the aerodynamics (Not that under 445km/h you don't have to consider it, but its effect aren't as "strong" as in higher speeds). Also, at that car was travelling 123.5 m/s on average, that's simply crazy for a street car... The top end of the automotive world is going crazy, and they don't seem to be stopping anytime soon, just let them fight.
  10. It's sunday and I don't want to wake up with an alarm, I have enough alarms during weekdays :P
  11. Should be updating my thread on the upcoming days, meanwhile...
  12. We should race a little bit later... I'm usually just waking up at 1PM GMT, maybe the same happens somewhere else
  13. Well, fueling in WEC, IMSA, DTM, etc. seems to work just fine. Is risky and prone to fires? Yes. But I think it's another element in which teams can rely their strategy on. Do you want to fuel and lose more time in pits, but have a lighter car? Or is it better to never fuel and limit the fuel rate on the engine mapping? I think there would be more posibilities...
  14. Even though I'm not a Hamilton fan, he was the most solid driver throughout the season, unlike Vettel. By the end of the day that's what gets you championships. Also, Mercedes nailed it on this turbo V6 era, and it's a bit disappointing that the next gen engines (2021) will still be V6 Turbo hybrids, although simpler. I was hoping to see a couple more of cylinders thrown into the mix or maybe something more open like LMP1 cars (Whose costs also skyrocketed, and F1 is aiming at lower costs) where we had Diesel engines, against Turbo V6, against Turbo V4 and all worked and were pretty much competitive. Anyways, at least we will get more sounds from the increased RPM limit, but also I'd like to see the fuel flow rate increased, fueling at the pit stops was great!
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