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  1. But is like saying "Boeing cannot produce all the parts needed to build a 737 so they outsource them (Which is true), and cannot assure the same quality on the parts they do produce". No matter who makes the things for you, you have to be sure they meet your standards, and if some outsourced cars are bad quality it's because T10 standards are low and not the other way around. I guess they really should refresh those cars that people keep pointing out, because, afaik, they didn't even fixed the errors of the original cars... I agree on the "Ship broke, fix later" philoshphy... And it's kinda worrying
  2. Oh... I had the 0x87005 error on my first try too. But it was a problem with the files already installed from a previous failed download so I had to "uninstall" it (Cancel the download form the store) and load the first couple hundred of MBs form the store
  3. Update! The 918 is great to drive in any game :D And a nice sleeper...
  4. Yup, and then using powershell to install it. It's a bit annoying but it seems to be the only thing that works. But I see you have already asked for a refund, so... However, yeah, I think that this game's launch is way worse than FH3. Specially with the VIP BS...
  5. Well, I haven't played any of the previous iterations of the game (Except for the extended FM6 demo that Apex was) so I don't have too much to compare to. About the paddle shifting animations, I think it's way better now (Barely noticeable) than what it was before, have you see how exaggerated is it on Apex and Horizon 3? Uggh so annoying. I also think that the windshield reflections of the hands are a bit over done, but to be honest I don't watch them everytime, even I don't see real world reflections on the windshield even when they are there. Anyways I'm enjoying the game a lot, and it's great fun when it's not crashing to desktop... About people complaining about no new features... It's a track racing game, there are not too many things to innovate in. I think the racing game fans are at an all time high of annoyment, which is quite ridiculous given all the options to choose you have at the moment. Apparently all games' physics are wrong, all lack something, all have bad feeling, all have not enough tracks or cars and the list goes on... Have you tried sideloading the game? It worked flawlessly to me. I was stuck with the same 0x87005 code and restarting. I just can't understand how they failed so shamelessly on the exact same thing as the previous game. The Windows store is the worse piece of software bundled with W10.
  6. Well it's a handsome car, fits every backdrop :P
  7. I don't cause that is Assetto Corsa and not FM7 jeje. But yeah, the car handles good, has quite a lot of grip. I don't know if it's real or not as it's a 3rd party car (User made) but it lapped the track almost as fast as the 911 GT3 R (Previous gen GT3 car)
  8. Well, I have nothing much to say. The game looks gorgeous, although I'm having some problems with my pad right now. However it doesn't prevent me to take some nice shots!
  9. Wonder if ferrari will ever build a car as beautiful as this
  10. XP11 doing its thing (First is slighty edited)
  11. I finished 7th or 6th of 20. Not a bad result, but not a good taste in the mouth. I was solid on the 3rd place but the tyre weather caught me up and I started losing some time in the last 2 laps, plus I made some mistakes. And yes it was online, but all in all there were no troubles with laggy people... Except when someone goes straight into a barrier, the netcode seems to go a bit nuts when that happens.
  12. Kicking Palmer out of the team in the process. I think that Gasly might get his seat instead, iirc
  13. you might aswell rename this thread to Loek's RS6 Pictures and would totally fit the theme of the content...
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