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Found 31 results

  1. Pure Raging A couple of new Raging Bulls are the next to join the NFS Rivals cops and racer ranks in this latest DLC for the EA arcade racer, called the 'Concept Lamborghini' the packs contain the (successful?) attempt of recent years to re-imagine the legendary Miura, resulting in the gorgeous Miura Concept. Snorting alongside is the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo, a road-going version of the racing variant that participates in what is known as the 'World's Fastest One Make Series' the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo. Packs are available either separately as Cop or Racer with the former containing Pursuit liveries for the vehicles or a Complete Pack where you will get both packs for a discounted price. They should be available now on all relevant platforms so if you're still feeling the Need for Speed and want some new Lamborghini metal to go up against the recent Ferraris and Jaguars that were also released, then here and now is the time to do it! NFS Rivals: Lamborghini DLC Trailer Thanks - needforspeed.com
  2. Special Horse & Big Simple Cat Need for Speed Rivals welcomes some new Ferrari's and Jaguar's to it's repertoire today with the release of the Ferrari Edizioni Speciali and Simply Jaguar DLC Car Packs. Containing new cars for both cops and racers the packs can be bought separately for each faction or as a complete pack which naturally contains both cop and racer varieties. The Ferrari pack contains the legend that is the Ferrari F40 and it's younger sibling the F50, whereas the Jaguar pack comes with the concept Ja[aa]guar C-X75 Prototype and the stunningly curvaceous Jaguar XJ220. Need for Speed Rivals: Ferrari & Jaguar Car Packs Ferrari Edizioni Speciali Cops: Take down Racers and Rivals in Redview County using these two Extreme Machines – The Ferrari F40 and the Ferrari F50. Ferrari Edizioni Speciali Racers: Stay one step ahead of the Cops and your Rivals using these two Extreme Machines – The Ferrari F40 and the Ferrari F50. Ferrari Edizioni Speciali Complete Pack: Take down Racers, stay one step ahead of the cops and beat your Rivals with the Ferrari Edizioni Speciali bundle. Includes both Cop and Racer versions of these Extreme Machines – The Ferrari F40 and the Ferrari F50 Simply Jaguar Cops: Take down Rivals and Racers in Redview County using the most advanced Jaguar ever created – the Jaguar C-X75 Prototype and the worlds first hypercar – The Jaguar XJ220 Simply Jaguar Racers: Stay one step ahead of the Cops and your Rivals using the most advanced Jaguar ever created – The Jaguar C-X75 Prototype and the worlds first hypercar – the Jaguar XJ220 Simply Jaguar Complete Pack: Take down Racers, stay one step ahead of the cops and beat your Rivals with the Simply Jaguar bundle. Includes both Cop and Racer versions of the Jaguar C-X75 Prototype, the most advanced Jaguar ever created and the Jaguar XJ220 the world’s first hypercar Rivals Content Update (FREE): Need for Speed Rivals has been updated to bring you a brand new selection of add-ons to enhance your Need for Speed experience and expand your car collection. Visit the Store now to purchase some cool new super cars. With our new Need for Speed Micro Packs you can choose to purchase the Cop cars, the Racer cars or a bargain combo pack containing both – Now you can decide how to take down your Rivals and escape the cops in the world of Red View County Please note that a title reboot is required after downloading to gain access to this content Ferrari Edizioni Speciali Trailer Simply Jaguar Trailer NFS Rivals: Ferrari & Jaguar DLC Gallery [gallery size=gallery-thumbnail" itemtag="div" icontag="span" link="file" columns="4" ids="2520,2535,2524,2525,2523,2522,2521,2526,2527,2528,2529,2530] The packs are available on Xbox Live right now and should be on PSN sometime tomorrow. Thanks - Need For Speed YouTube / Xbox Live Marketplace
  3. What will EA do to save their failing franchise 1991 was a big year for Electronic Arts, purchasing Distinctive Software (the company originally credited with beginning the "Test Drive" series) for $11 million USD, a decision that would ultimately lead the gaming developer to sell over an estimated 150 million copies worldwide making it the most successful racing franchise of all time. The Need For Speed came out in 1994 on 3DO under EA Canada (Distinctive Software was renamed) and later came out in 1995 on PC (running in DOS mode) and 1996 on the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. EA Canada continued to produce NFS games until 2002 when EA Black Box had their release of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2; Hot Pursuit 2 changed the shift from realistic styled racing to more arcade, by ditching the interior view and by ramming other racers to stop them when playing as a cop. And then 2003 happened... November 17th, 2003 became a focus point in the history of the Need For Speed franchise; the launch of Need For Speed: Underground by EA Black Box would change the focus of the franchise forever and is the defining point where the fans of Need For Speed split in two, forever. Long gone were the days of isolated circuits and interior cockpit viewpoint, Underground proposed a new style of racing game, something called "open world". Alongside the new open world city, was a story line told in pre-rendered videos, another first for the franchise. The game capitalized on the success of Fast and the Furious, implementing street racing with tuner cars and the ability to customize them visually and mechanically. The trend of car customization and street racing continued until 2009 when a brand new Developer called Slightly Mad Studios took Need For Speed in an entirely different direction. Need For Speed: Shift released on September 15th, 2009 and was focused on a more authentic, simulation experience; real tracks were added and the cockpit view made a triumphant return, thus bringing back many loyal fans of the original NFS games. New iterations of the series have come out on a yearly basis, much the same attitude as Call of Duty... and this has produced quite the problem. A sharp decline in sales has had the publisher set the series to Ghost Games - which consists of many members of the Criterion team. The reviews for the games have been above average but it appears that the series has dropped into a mediocre status among fans, who give the games much lower scores than the media. Rumours have circulated regarding Ghost rebooting the "Underground" games in 2014, with a return to a start of lower tier cars and full car customization. What we do know, is that with Need For Speed coming to theatres on March 14th, 2014, Electronic Arts is looking to expand and revive the gaming franchise in a very, very big way. No matter the future of the series, it has changed racing games forever and has been with us for 20 years. Love it or hate it (or both) it will leave a lasting impression upon gamers and has left it's mark upon the gaming industry to stand the test of time. *NFS Underground 3 image by gyroxopex.deviantart.com [gallery size=gallery-thumbnail" itemtag="div" icontag="span" link="file" ids="2502,2503,2504]
  4. Hot Pursuit 2 (2?) EA have today announced a new Need for Speed title called Need for Speed: Rivals with a trailer and some damn tasty screenshots that are very much indicating a next-gen flavour and wow do they look incredible! There is a definite classic NFS vibe a la Hot Pursuit and even High Stakes/Road Challenge being oozed from these images in my opinion, the Ferrari being pursued especially will be met with an irony that will not be lost on many who can remember, that the Prancing Horse could not be chosen in the 'Hot Pursuit' mode and could only be used in the races. There was of course a solution for those on the PC via a small modification but it just goes to show how times and perceptions change. NFS Rivals is being developed by the Swedish-based developer Ghost Games in collaboration with Criterion who have brought the series back to success with their reboots of Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted. The game will be running on the Frostbite 3 engine created by DICE (Battlefield 4) and is sure to look amazing. As you can ascertain from the name, Rivals is all about two types going up against each other and this takes place as cops vs racers. The game will incorporate a new feature called AllDrive. AllDrive will allow players to seamlessly transition from playing alone to instantly joining their friends and being able to team-up and become a part of each other's game, much like TDU and TDU2 did. From the trailer and screens you can see that weather is going to be a factor though how this will affect your car in it's handling will remain to be seen. Gadgets make a return, so if you hated them well they're back to annoy you again and may even be upgradable this time. A long overdue but welcome addition - or should that be re-introduction - is the ability to personalise your number/license plate as well as the typical of today livery and decal editor so you can show how much you love bacon to others. Autolog will also be back to show you every instance that your friends are bettering you in, making you want to cry and re-evaluate your life and discover where it all went wrong. NFS Rivals will hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 19th 2013, a PC version is also in the works, maybe alongside the Xbox One and PS4 (?) NFS: Rivals Announced Gallery [gallery size=gallery-thumbnail" itemtag="div" icontag="span" link="file" columns="5]
  5. A mate just sent me this link showing what could be leaked images of BF4. :susp: Battlefield 4 leaked screenshots EA China - Imgur What you think?
  6. Burnout in Paradise If you haven't had a go of the latest offering of the Need for Speed series by developers Criterion then here is your chance, as the demo of the game is now available to download on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (no PC as usual). So if you want to see if the game carries on the legacy of the much loved original Most Wanted which was actually released this-gen believe it or not, well then go forth and compare to your hearts desire! It has to be said that many people who enjoyed Burnout Paradise have taken to this game well from the general views you can read around but for the #oldskool (that's before Underground!) NFS players, well you'll need to keep praying to the Gods that EA make your game another time. Go forth and get in a massive pursuit, I command thee.
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