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  1. Hello guys! I was trying to find a car list for TDU NATAN Edition, a modpack that has 1500 cars with very varying quality.... But i couldn't find any, so i decided to make my own. The list is really big as it took me probably an hour and a half to get all cars in the dealerships which is already around 300 probably. But also because i didn't sort the list by car manufacterer names first so i had to do it later. A few cars in this list don't actually exist, a few are TDU1 custom and some others i have no idea. For example this "Gaz Saiber" i couldn't find anything for it, maybe it's just a misspelling. This list is still being worked on. It's not every car in the mod yet. Let's get to the list now. Cars marked with (MB) are available in motorbike dealerships only. This will be the changelog for when a new update comes t1.1 - Added Classic Cars from the southwest Oahu Cars (Airport) Dealership, and all conversions from the Bugatti Veyron and Lotus Elise R t1.2 - Added all the Lamborghinis (So far....) t1.3 - Added all the Ferraris (So far..) t1.4 - Added all Russian cars (So far), and now versions are correct t1.5 - Added all south US Classic and nissan dealership car conversions t1.6 - Added most Mercedes cars t1.7 - Added a lot of cars in Honolulu t1.8 - Added Chevrolet/Saturn and Ford dealer Honolulu cars, changed update numbers and fixed a few things t1.9 - Changed update numbers again and added the rest of the Honolulu cars
  2. Full race editor? And where do i paste the file? Do i have to replace it?
  3. I've had this problem for a long time, and it's very annoying, anytime i do a time or speed event, i crash into a random traffic (cop) car. I changed my monitor refresh rate to 60Hz and also forced vsync in nvidia control panel, but there were still invisible traffic cars.
  4. whenever i download it, it says the file was moved or missing,yet i didn't touch anything?
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