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  1. When i load my database, everything goes well, but Car_File_Name and HUD_FIle_Name both have "An error has occurred during init of MAPPING plugin" saying that it couldn't find bnk1.map in the database, i downloaded magic map and it still says that. This error also doesn't let me save any changes
  2. Hello guys! I was trying to find a car list for TDU NATAN Edition, a modpack that has 1500 cars with very varying quality.... But i couldn't find any, so i decided to make my own. The list is really big as it took me probably an hour and a half to get all cars in the dealerships which is already around 300 probably. But also because i didn't sort the list by car manufacterer names first so i had to do it later. A few cars in this list don't actually exist, a few are TDU1 custom and some others i have no idea. For example this "Gaz Saiber" i couldn't find anything for it, maybe it's just a misspelling. This list isn't 100% accurate. There are likely a few cars that i didn't add from the game for whatever reason. Download the list.txt file for a more accurate list. Let's get to the list now. Cars marked with (MB) are available in motorbike dealerships only. This will be the changelog for when a new update comes t1.1 - Added Classic Cars from the southwest Oahu Cars (Airport) Dealership, and all conversions from the Bugatti Veyron and Lotus Elise R t1.2 - Added all the Lamborghinis (So far....) t1.3 - Added all the Ferraris (So far..) t1.4 - Added all Russian cars (So far), and now versions are correct t1.5 - Added all south US Classic and nissan dealership car conversions t1.6 - Added most Mercedes conversions t1.7 - Added a lot of conversions in Honolulu t1.8 - Added Chevrolet/Saturn and Ford dealer Honolulu conversions, changed update numbers and fixed a few things t1.9 - Changed update numbers again and added the rest of the Honolulu conversions t2.0 - BMW and a few other nearby dealer conversions added t2.1 - Added all car conversions west of Honolulu t2.2 - Added all car conversions east of Honolulu, and added conversions to some brands missing them here t2.3 - Added conversions from the Chrysler dealership t2.4 - Added conversions from northeast VW dealership, and added Yamaha t2.5 - Pagani and the rest of the northeast dealerships t2.6 - RUF and European Classics conversions added t2.7 - Northwest US Muscles dealer conversions t2.8 - Added all conversions AND cars from the northwest british independents dealership because apparently i completely skipped over that dealership when making the list, updates say conversions now t2.9 - Added northwest BMW Dealership Conversions t3.0 - Northwest-er US Muscle Dealer Conversions t3.1 - Lexus and northwest Audi Dealership Conversions t3.2 - Added (south)western Cadillac, Oahu Cars, Alfa and Japanese Dealership Conversions t3.3 - Added Southern McLaren and middle European Dealership Conversions t3.4 - Added all motorcycles and conversions from cars in motorcycle dealerships. The list is now complete Patch 7 - 30 new cars, more in link t3.5 - Acura NSX conversions moved from Toyota to Acura Patch 8 - 4 new cars list.txt
  3. Full race editor? And where do i paste the file? Do i have to replace it?
  4. I've had this problem for a long time, and it's very annoying, anytime i do a time or speed event, i crash into a random traffic (cop) car. I changed my monitor refresh rate to 60Hz and also forced vsync in nvidia control panel, but there were still invisible traffic cars.
  5. whenever i download it, it says the file was moved or missing,yet i didn't touch anything?
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