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About This Club

Find players to want to play a certain game online with like-minded muppets. Organise upcoming events or just ask "does anyone want to play Forza with me in 30 mins?" Be sure to specify which platform (PC/XBL/PSN) you are on.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. there is no join button for public there is join button for open both show content to people without joining if it is private then you need to join to see content
  3. I think despite being public, members can still choose to join to receive notifs. Being public means that forum members can see which gaming events are being planned without having to join.
  4. if you change club type to open, people who joined will get notification (i guess that might also be downside because this club is not restricted in any game public club just mean anyone can post content here Also nobody is joining my civ club (FeelsBadMan
  5. On Feb 19 cross-platform clubs and parties arrive in Rocket League. If you want to represent the duck as you go about winning RL matches left right and centre, post below with your Steam name (or RocketID after Feb 19) and I'll invite you to join club TDUC. All those other players without a club will be jealous when they see that you belong to a club and must have many friends to play online with. If you want to organise matches with other TDUCK members (myself included) this is the place to do it.
  6. Recently tried out the game, have no idea what's left and right if anyone wanna team up my origin name is Eudemon369
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