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Let's Cruise

Cruising and general mucking about in cars.  

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      • GamerJean2031  »  xXBeefyDjXx

        Thanks guys. You're all legends!! Please take all the time you need to make the TDU world modpack good! Cheers.
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      • Ryzza5  »  andrey zyb

        Posts should be made in English only.  Please use a translator.  Thanks.
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      • ViperGTS  »  Djey

        Hey you're still active??! Dude let me tell you I've been playing since 2006 and TDU 2 in my books has absolutely nothing on TDU with Platinum Mod. That said, I'm currently stuck with Megepack 1.66+ with Island Paradise mod... Truly nothing to complain about but TDU Platinum is better hands down. I can't find a 1.68b download that isn't a dead end or I'd be running that. A) could you help me out? B) sincerely, you made the best game ever even better man. No I'm not forgetting you work with a team. Every compliment to you extends directly to them too.
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      • fatima123

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      • Who

        If anyone is like "damn who is who, I literally have no idea who they are but they seem to have been around forever" then check out my "about me" tab. The TL;DR is that you may know me as Crazed Dodgem and i used to be a mod here 😁
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