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TDU Platinum no force feedback for Thrustmaster TX wheel


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Hello, I got TDU1 working nicely on Win11 - did several races, only a couple nuisances:

  1. Force feedback does not work at all with Thrustmaster steering wheel. 
    1. I tried installing G27 fix - no difference.
    2. At first I had difficulty setting up steering axis, but right now everything is mapped and working fine (after adjusting all sensitivities to the max)
    3. Quite sure the game does not recognize the steering wheel model, but don't remember if it should?
  2. No Radio. Does not work. and there is no music in the game at any point. (I can live with this)
  3. Game crashes if I plug in my USB handbrake - driver-less game controller device. (I can live without it as well)
  • Thrustmaster H-shifter does work nicely. Currently as a standalone USB device, but connecting it through the wheel base did not help with USB Handbrake crash.


I installed game from my licensed CD copy purchased around 2008 - I used to play this game A LOT back utill TDU2 came out. But did not have steering wheel back then.


Any advice appreciated.

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