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Logged in after who knows how long, years maybe.

Watched a video and i must say it looks great and promising.

I wish you good luck with your work and have fun.

I hope all goes well and i will be happy to get it once its out.

Your ultra community pack is great and i was using it since few moths ago when i stopped playing TDU but i will start playing this again when this is out.

After 11 years it really show how great game it is.


Only one question, if i got it right from the description, this gonna be even bigger and better mod than ultra community pack?

I mean beside having much more cars.

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New cars don't surprise me anymore, Milli, please add new events. Obrigato Milli and the mod team :D :D

We need more races in A7. A8, A6, A5 classes to enjoy all the cars. Please make more races :D

That is not possible.


And if it doesn't surprise you anymore, feel free to not download or try to make it yourself, maybe your view would change. ;)

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Also milli how about creating a discord server for this thing?


Tho i think you should because why not? Get a discord and i maybe taking you to canyon teach you lesson once for all ok ok ok im kidding lol


I guess you create it and my role suggestions are ''Helpers'' the ones who helped you ''Waiters'' download waiters xd and ''Members'' turboduck members perhaps? lol

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Will it mod traffic vehicles also ?

Otherwise, I think enhanced traffic vehicles (with real models) will suit Platinum improvements better.


Maybe a (free) DLC later ? :D


Thanks anyway.


At the moment no, it won't. Mostly because it might get heavier for weak computer and also, because there are no real up-to-date traffic car mods, unless you want everyone driving a Supra around. :lol:

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  • Milli changed the title to [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum - v1.21

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