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  1. Know a game / tool / service not listed? feel free to edit limited to time sensitive / temporary free (aka used to cost money items) * denotes optional field [region]* Title{link} [start - end date]* 100% Orange Juice [ - Mar 30] 200% Mixed Juice! [ - Mar 30] Acceleration of SUGURI 2 [ - Mar 30]
  2. we have discord https://discordapp.com/invite/vMKPujc you might have better luck reaching out to people
  3. nice everyone in lock down gotta burn time somehow
  4. done, thanks for consolidating mods to our download section @binbow @MagicV8
  5. do you want author to be changed or remain the same
  6. Hi New Duckling , welcome
  7. Today middle of the night I received domain email.turboduck.net disabled notification from our SMTP (email) provider After brief investigation I found out "share via email" feature was abused by sharing then editing subject and content, essentially bots using the system to send spams (why wasn't this discovered sooner? I am one man okay, don't have time to read system logs all day, and the system is complex I can't possible identify all the loopholes. The underlying issue was fixed within 5 mins of me receiving notification) below is server access log I have disabled the feature and communicated back with the provider for ban lift looking at the email log, about one million emails was sent out in the past five days, looks like I will be getting hit with big bill in the meantime I have switched email system to be server generated (this method however, is generally not trusted by email clients, therefore likely land in junk box) I expect temporary disturb on new registration as well as site email notifications but I am working to bring it back to normal ASAP This incident also likely give domain a reputation hit --- not directly related but I also want to take this chance to express following: Use common sense to avoid scam It has come to my attention that some scammers were using our personal messaging system to ask for private contact, please use your best judgement to avoid further contact and report such activities I want to take this chance to ensure you that we respect your privacy, we do not disclose any of your sensitive profile information, including email. We also employ industry best practices for example, reCaptcha, check against known spam database, encryption, monitor reports and actively remove spammer accounts who occasionally went through I advise you to use report button on every content to help us clean up spams Regards, Diablo (Eudemon)
  8. alternatively you can download directly from us
  9. Then the 3rd party hosting site that provides the downloads already have removed it, what you clicked are ads they sell on the site which leads to malware you only option now is to ask the modder to re-upload the mod
  10. first of all, you posted in wrong forum, I moved it second, where are you downloading from, directly from our download section or individual posts? if it is the latter, we have no control over what links the author posts
  11. nicely done, added you to modder group
  12. @sti228 let's update the social media cover (you can revert it back after a while
  13. Tduck has official discord https://discord.gg/vMKPujc
  14. I approve this community started contest, will feature winner screenshot in gallery and our social media page If participants is over 10, winner will get VIP for half year Any question feel free to ask here or join our discord channel https://discord.gg/vMKPujc
  15. I meant the story, it didn't end and yes Shingeki is good one, season 4 is suppose gonna end all btw I have the physical manga
  16. it didn't end at all, there are sequel movie still in production right now if you like the anime I suggest you check out the three movies that are already out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebuild_of_Evangelion
  17. added to Modder group, welcome to Tduck modding scene

  18. @Ryzza5 nice, thanks for promoting. Your quote still breaks the site
  19. Civ 6, just finished what remains Finch, Apex
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