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  1. it seems like google script started auto injecting ads without triggering it, I have moved that code to be under usergroup condition, you should see no ads now, thanks for reporting
  2. There are two types of ad display, one I manually specified location in code, and second is automated ad where google algorithm determines where it think "best" location to inject It is the latter that sometimes fucks up, it's not easy to say just remove it, since there are lot of dynamic generated area that are not covered by first part, I will try cover them and disable auto ad, for now I'm going to tune down max amount it is allowed to show From your screenshot it is the second case, by the way were you logged in when you see the ad? Your user group should be ad free I don't
  3. no you need to have base game just read the platnium thread instruction
  4. we have platinum 1.0 on torrent here at download section, then latest patch via turboduck direct download
  5. while waiting for someone get to your question, check our guide see if your question has been answered
  6. All new content will publish on our blockchain network, turboduck coin to the moon
  7. Some of you might know that we have been operating at loss for years With less and less activities on the site have pushed me to this decision Don't worry about all the posts and download I will create blockchain to store all our data in decentralize network called tURBOdUCK Coin Sincerely, Eudemon 4/1/2021
  8. both dark and light option is available on footer
  9. Our old duck is still alive and kicking Introducing a new free notification service that will notify you on new book series releases (along with other features incoming in the future, like analytic, read list, a mascot etc... Check it out at https://eudemon.org/ (currently in beta) We would like to congratulate TDU World team for launching their TDU2 multiplayer mod, you can download it here Below are changes on TurboDuck since last newsletter: Added scroll to top on all themes Added dark theme, to switch, select theme drop-down on footer Have a favorite? Take
  10. I suggest you upload to our download section
  11. (long dark) wolves, wolves everywhere

    1. there is a maintenance on going of the team, estimated completion roughly 2 hours
    2. annnnnd it's updated on the download page
    3. problem with email in general is all based on IP / domain reputation, using shared IPs with other sites can ruin your email delivery rate for something not your fault and there is no centralized block-list, meaning each provider can implement their own or use some other block-list, it's very time consuming to get unblocked after an incident for all the providers
    4. should keep it simple, have a TDU2 guide and keep everything under one guide (on a later update, there will be side panel featuring other guide for quick jump make use of wiki syntax
    5. you can upload a new version on download page, or you can append additional link / file for download
    6. We have made all future specific tdu forums for auto generated download support only only, support for everything else
    7. Version 1.0.0


      100% CG save data Extract to /Documents
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