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  1. To be honest for a second I thought about requiring login to download Because even tho we are getting lot of traffic from launch but most of them come download and leave, thats why there is a huge surge of bounce rate (people who visit and leave within 20 seconds ) so downside is we are not seeing registration go up from this one time surge of traffic But then I decided not to be a dick because it's not my work (out of respect for all creator ) and I want to be free and convience for all user and visitor
  2. I know that feel, Nothing beats compliment for the work that the creator did (Wait you creator ? Well yes yes I am a web dev )
  3. What a successful release, I just want to let you know the most online counter at the bottom of forum hit new record due to the launch, applaud to @Milli
  4. Congratulation on the release! did you know you can put multiple downloads in one download file? that way you can track who downloaded what, plus they can get notification for updates if they choose to subscribe
  5. Diablo/Eudemon

    New laptop

    After years and generations of surface pro 2 and pro 4, I am finally switched! (note, this is early review, will update as I use the device more and more Recently picked up this https://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-spectre-x360-2-in-1-13-3-uhd-touch-screen-laptop-intel-core-i7-16gb-memory-512gb-solid-state-drive-poseidon-blue/6301163.p?skuId=6301163 before you say anything, yes I know it does not have a dedicated GPU, but I already have a stationary PC that's powerful enough for gaming, this is used for portable work and entertainment I got the 512G, 16G ram, i7 version, not going to list all the spec as you can view from the link above Pro: best in class keyboard on laptop color accurate 4k bright screen long lasting battery life very light (about 1.2kg) and premium build (yes it can definitely turn some eyeballs) Con: Trackpad (using synaptic driver, it is been the biggest complain in the past few generations and I am surprised HP still hasn't switched over to Windows precision driver) The bigger than modern top bottom bezel, this is purposely designed this way for gripping since this is 2 in 1, but in my case I don't use the screen veridically Surface pro 4, Mac book pro (use for work), spectre x360 and if you ask why I need a 2 in 1 ? this is the answer (GalGame!) I briefly owned Lenovo Yoga C930 before this one, the biggest issue that caused me to return C930 is their screen panel has a warm tone which I heard it is good for displaying asian skin color, but I didn't like that, and did different color profile and calibration which did not work lastly, here is some pictures taken from my new work place (Time Square)
  6. In wake of Notre-Dame de Paris traged, Ubisoft announced €500,000 donation and Assassins Creed Unity on PC Free and forever in library which you can redeem here https://register.ubisoft.com/acu-notredame-giveaway/en-US From April 17th at 10:00 am to April 25th at 03:00 am (your local time)
  7. Recently been playing Apex, thought about picking up titan fall, realized i don't have time to play...
  8. I think you meant communicate not commute
  9. https://vintaytime.com/how-to-get-old-inbox-by-gmail-back/ p.s a blogging site that I own
  10. Welcome! Hope you enjoy our content And I live just few hours away from you (new York)
  11. 劇場版 ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか - オリオンの矢 - movie
  12. Not sure if this helps you Pressing enter creates <p> tag Where shift enter create <br/> Double enter within quote to break out
  13. looking for feedback on what main focus should be for next improvement
  14. Version 1.0.0


    FULL CG save 皇国歴二一四二年、世界の大半を支配するオルブライト共和国(略称「共和国」)は豊葦原瑞籬内皇国(とよあしはらのみずがきうちのすめらみことのくに)(略称「皇国」)への侵攻を開始。皇国の防衛手段の「呪壁」は原因不明の理由により起動せず、武人も大半が空爆で死亡した。皇国宰相小此木時彦は皇帝「蘇芳帝」を殺害し、皇国は敗戦する。 敗戦三年後、先代皇帝「蘇芳帝」の唯一の娘、正統なる帝位継承者宮国朱璃は母を殺した小此木時彦への復讐のため、首都・天京へ帰還。戦争の中で記憶を失った武人鴇田宗仁、現在の皇帝「翡翠帝」鴇田奏海、若い「齋巫女」椎葉古杜音、共和国総督の娘であり天京帝立学院の生徒会長エルザ・ヴァレンタインと出会い、物語が始まる。
  15. Kudo to them pumping out big updates for free I still remember when it was first out people were so disappointed due to over hype , is it time to pick up now ?
  16. 好久以前的帖子了,附带一提我是Eudemon,跟另外一个论坛合并了我直接取用对方名字
  17. TVアニメ『とある科学の一方通行』PV / A Certain Scientific Accelerator trailer
  18. 可愛ければ変態でも好きになってくれますか? 2019年 夏TVアニメ Hensuki 2019 summer Anime
  19. 映画 この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!紅伝説 Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!: Kurenai Densetsu
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