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  1. hi all ! who is up for a nice relaxed, realistic road rules cruise ??? maybe next sunday night ?
  2. hello does it work with ultra comunity pack 1.04 ?
  3. hello does anyone knows a nice engine sound for this car ? thank you
  4. this mod is the best thing ever! i just wanted some nice sound pack because theres some engines sounds that i dont like. and by the way, does anyone have some mod to change the roads texture ? some years ago i remember installing one that looked great. i really like crusing realistic, cant wait to find someone to cruise with
  5. Hello ! i would like to install this mod but, where can i download this files ? - Patch 1.68b - Project Paradise with bigbnks activated thank you
  6. Can anyone send me some sound mods for Eleanor, Camaro, Firebird, basically sound mods for the american muscle car. Thank you
  7. Anyone likes to cruise with road rules , relaxed ???
  8. after the yesterday updates , it stoped working for me . you guys had any problems ?
  9. well no restrictions , just choose the car you enjoy most . im actualy getting use to the new gameplay and having a bad wheel doesnt help , so i guess i'll go with lancia delta or similiar . about the meeting place , i dont know , just shoot some ideas . i just wanted to cruise with people who dont drive like if it was destruction derby .. 23 gmt+1 on saturday would be fine for me
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