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  1. welcome back. hope to race soon General Error is working but need old crew back!
  2. okar19

    Online races

    Can we get them back at some point? Is it possible? Why are they turned off? There was still option to test run. It was working in first version of patch. Why was it removed later on?
  3. Just DM me if u want get ur ass whooped in instant challenge any weekend. Maybe we get lucky and have Jackich join us. That's whats left from online fun.
  4. I asked long time ago to activate this races again. No respond. Found some old videos Real cool, old racing game. Nothing fancy, simple. Nowadays they produce crap worth nothing. I looked on youtube how forza 4 looks like and how car behaves. I dont bother to even try. This still would be a killer if someone gave it a little love.
  5. Are here any badass players that want to race time to time through instant challenge? Looking for competition from old days. If anything steam okar13
  6. but still instant challenge is possible so we can race untill we get tired ^ ^
  7. Hi @Sil3nc3r- !!!! I wish they could make online races work. We could play again and hopefully get some people come back.
  8. Today, first time I enjoyed game as much as over 2 years ago when I met guy mattimyck. I thought it's noob driver in Saleen S7 but when I joined him on mountain road it took me 5 min to catch him. So we had really fast cruise and that's what I like and I liked in this game the most - driving with fast people. Straight roads are for fast cars, fast corners are for fast drivers :D Now I really miss this times when every friday we raced together :(
  9. Can you enable it again? As long as it's possible to do test run and it doesn't cause any problems please enable it as it was in v0.2. For many people this game was about racing only ( including me )
  10. It was great cruise yeterday :p A couple of things. 1st In V0.3 multiplayer races are disabled. We all know that it doesn't work but at least it's possible to do test run. I asked Lean about it and he said he can make multiplayer races as an option. For me and other people TDU was about racing. Every week we used to race for 3-4 hours. And high position in ranings :] As you can see 100% time in races. Please enable races as it was in V0.2. Also on the other forum we want to do something like challenge of the week where we choose track and car and we compete with each other. 2nd, is it possible to move this fuel meter to the left or right? For me, it's really annoying when it's above gauges. 3. Is it possible to fix meter in the car? If you have about 30-31k it works when you drive 180+ km/h Yesterday meter showed 32k on my third S7 See ya on the road!
  11. What happened to online races?? I know that they don't work but at least I could do test run but now I don't see them anymore. Please make them work again. Q. Can I play with Xfire, Steam, MSi afterburner integrated into my game? No, because it will cause conflicts with the mod. You'll have to play without those You can use xfire but you have to run it after you run a game.
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