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  1. I've tried that, but ultimately no matter what values I used the suspension still feels stiff. I've set the suspension value everywhere from 200 to 100000 and still feels toof stiff with little suspension travel. I've tried changing the bump values in the physics file but I can seem to get any of the changes I make to take effect
  2. Not sure if this is the right section for this, but does anyone know how to fix the cars so theyou dont have rock hard suspension. I tried the TDU2VPE, but no setting really changed much?
  3. If you ask me, its not untill you actually compare games on your own tv that you discover which truely looks best. When you compare Forza 3 and Forza 4 side by side you realize just how big of a difference there is between the two games. The new lighting system is what really makes the difference, its also the reason i think Forza 4 looks better then GT5. I will admit, i actually think the enviroments look a bit more realistic in GT5, however they look alot more dull. Forza 4 took more arcady looking enviroments and made them look more visually impressive then actually are, and in my opinion it makes Forza more visually appealing. On a note that is un-GT5 realated, i must say i am abosutly impressed with the new physics engine made better with sim steering, its nice too be able have soo much control over the way you go around a corner. I don't i've ever played a racing game on this generation of consoles that felt this realistic. The added body roll does wonders for the fell of weight transfer. I still think there should be more body roll though, but the suspenion feels alot more realistic, epecially when you hit bumps.
  4. The Range Rover Sport, the Hummer and the Jaguar XKR
  5. Lets not take this personal. But, as you can see in this at 0:47, it stats the Golf as being A7 class, and the Lotus being in C4 class. And GMdestra recently posted a pic of the stats on the Range Rover Sport Which show that it is B4 class.
  6. The GT500 is the 2010 version, and the Mustang GT is most likely the 2010 version as well(it could be the 2011 though, i recall diablo said it was the 2011).
  7. i actually really liked those sedans....the ls450H was actually quite competitive in f class. The SC430 not so much,
  8. nice to know im not the only one who has make that typo before,lol:cheeky:
  9. if you could get me a picture of the Range Rover Sport and its specs i would be forever greatful.....or you could tell me them...that would be cool too:D
  10. Its also important to consider that the videos are "off screen",meaning they were shot with a video camera as opposed to a capture card, which was probably used to shoot the trailers and screen shots....plus the devs have access to d-bug commands that you guys probably didn't,lol.
  11. Hey Baldred, seeing how you bought the "ranger" rover sport, i was wondering if you could remeber its performances stats, and if they made a mistake and gave it the Supercharged engine. If its Supercharged the stats would be Power:510 bhp(possibly 504) Acceration: 5.9 seconds (possibly 6.2 seconds) Top Speed:140 mph(or 225 kph) If its not supercharged it should read Power:375BHP Acceration:7.2seconds(possibly 7.5 seconds) Top Speed 130mph(209 KPH) thanks
  12. Guys, i think the "4 Xtreme Xperimentation" was hinting at the Hummer H3x, as the Hummer has 4WD and the X stands for "extreme".
  13. 2010 Mercedes SLK 55 AMG and the 2009 Mercedes Mclaren Roadster 722 S need to be added.
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