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    1. @cis4care: no it's not bad. :p And if somebody thinks it is: US Muscle has been a theme 2 weeks ago as well as in mid June '16.
    2. TRAPPIST-1 system: - The system is 40 lightyears away; with current rocket technology, it would take 1,5 million years to get there. - The star is roughly the size of Jupiter and can live over a thousand times longer than our sun. - The star is a red dwarf - this planetary system discovery is 'shocking' because almost 75% of the stars in the Milky Way are red dwarfs... you do the math on habitable exoworlds. - The system is so compact that it should be compared to the Jovian system than the solar system: even the outmost planet is closer to the star than Mercury is to the sun. - There are 7 planets orbiting the star, all rocky and not much larger or smaller than Earth (density 60<>117% of Earth), and 3 of them are within the habitable zone. - It is named after its discovery tool, the Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope (TRAPPIST) in Chile, but considering a Belgian guy found them, they like to say it's named after trappist beer and the planets will be named after beers. Source: NASA Telescope Reveals Record-Breaking Exoplanet Discovery | NASA
    3. Source: DiRT 4 will drop the 'Dudebro' vibe for a more professional experience :: Team VVV
    4. This is perhaps where my Word skills stop... I'm not 100% sure on the side intakes, I think there's a small patch on the door dark that should be painted.
    5. Looks like there's a one-off of the TheFerrari coming, following images have been published today at the European Union Intellectual Property Office website:
    6. Long way to go... we are now focussing on a first demo, it should give us enough exposure to get more hands onboard to work on the rest of the game and then we can start extending towards the main location.
    7. Slow but as always still going. We're working on updating a few vehicle models, we're updating some environment tech, we're still working on assets for the first area, coding is being fixed a bit and sounds are being worked on.
    8. Apparently the loss has been 15 billion dollars in the past 17 years. They háve finally started making attractive cars, but the German labour is expensive, Korean competition for the same buyer group is very strong and the Brexit made the whole package worth 400 million dollars less. If the Brexit wouldn't have happened, Opel would have reached break-even. Rumours are PSA wants Opel because of GM's EV-tech.
    9. Porsche Center Brisbane has leaked the Cayman will get a GT4 RS limited edition: In the mean time, PSA has confirmed negotiations have started on taking over Opel from GM, which imo is a good thing because GM has no clue what to do with Opel.... other than rebadge it 6 times across the globe. And this is the open-top Pagani exotic-wind:
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